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What is greenrush?

greenrush is the easiest way to order cannabis. offers thousands of products available for delivery or pickup from hundreds of trusted dispensary partners.
You, your friends, and your family can be confident that you’ll find the products and benefits you’re looking for--and get them quickly.

Simply go to, verify yourself as a greenrush patient member and start ordering.

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What is greenrush MVP?

greenrush ambassadors are individuals passionate about cannabis who want to become industry pioneers.

You’ll represent the greenrush brand while sharing our vision of making cannabis safe and accessible for recreational and medical users alike. And as an ambassador you’ll receive exciting rewards like greenrush swag, credits, and best of all - cold hard cash!

By using your entrepreneurial and independent marketing skills, you will be able to connect cannabis consumers throughout the US.

Become an Ambassador.

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    Apply now and get approved

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    You’ll work closely with some of the brightest minds in marketing and social media to develop a local marketing strategy

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    Once you have received your training, you are ready to hit the road. You may promote by yourself or else join the elite greenrush Event Team to promote at events

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    Get Paid

    The more patient members you sign up for greenrush, the more you get paid! You will earn money for that patient's first order. Every time the patient orders AGAIN, you will earn more cash!


  • Give Green. Get Green.

    Code Name: GETMEDS

    "I started out as an Ambassador and was recently hired to work some events and street team promotions. I'm learning valuable tactics like experiential marketing from some of the smartest people I have ever met."

  • Give Green. Get Green.

    Code Name: ILOVE420

    "I currently go to school so I'm able to work around my class schedule. They hooked me up with an online portal that helps me promote on my social media channels and they also made me a ton of really cool business cards that I pass out everywhere I go!"

  • Give Green. Get Green.

    Code Name: iDeserveIt

    "Being a greenrush Ambassador has been an amazing experience. By working with them at a recent music festival, I got a chance to meet so many of my favorite DJ's, Rappers and Graffiti Artists."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I do as a greenrush ambassador?

    As an ambassador, you’ll educate consumers about using to conveniently order from the best local dispensaries.

    Promote greenrush to friends, family at events and in high-traffic areas using your personal ambassador code. When they use your code they’ll save $30, and you’ll earn commissions!

  • What are the requirements?

    You must be at least 21 years of age.

  • How do I get paid?

    You receive a monthly payment for every time your referrals use your promo code to place an order on Payments are issued every month on the 21st.

  • Do Ambassadors get special discounts on greenrush?

    We regularly do exclusive ambassador promotions and giveaways; check your monthly ambassador newsletter for more info!