10 US History Facts You Won't Remember While High

by greenrush
us history facts

Looking for some fun facts to keep you entertained next time you light up? Here are 10 weird US history facts to help you celebrate 4th of July.


1. The US Constitution Was Written On Hemp

us history facts

Both Jefferson and Washington grew hemp, which was brought over to Colonial America and quickly became a vital crop used to make everything from rope and clothes to paper.


And while the final drafts of both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written on parchment, it’s believed that some of the early drafts of both documents were written on hemp paper, which was very popular at the time.


2. Thomas Jefferson Invented The First Swivel Chair

us history facts



Remember the fun you used to have as a kid spinning around on office swivel chairs? You’ve got good ol’ Jefferson to thank for that.


Jefferson designed The Revolving Windsor Armchair in Philadelphia and brought it back to his Monticello plantation in 1776. It is said that he used the chair while writing the Declaration of Independence.


3. James Buchanan Never Married

us history facts



This US history fact is about one of our much less celebrated presidents. James Buchanan was the 15th president of the US. He served the Democratic Party, held office right before the Civil War, and is the only US president that never married.


4. Buchanan Also Had A 4-Person Outhouse

us history facts

The outhouse had 4-seats on one single, L-shaped bench; 2 for adults, one for a teenager, and another for children. Check it out on this CBS report.


5. Andrew Johnson Was Drunk During His Inauguration

us history facts



Johnson took office after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and was said to be extremely drunk at his inauguration. According to newspaper reports from 1865, he delivered a rambling, incoherent, and “sloven” impromptu speech.


During the speech, Johnson fiercely attacked the Confederacy. One witness has been recorded saying “it would have been better had he been struck dumb.”


6. Uncle Sam Is A Real Person

us history facts

We’re all familiar with the iconic caricature of the US, Uncle Sam. But did you know that the character is believed to be based off a real person?


Samuel Wilson was a meatpacker from Troy, New York. He supplied rations for American troops during the war of 1812 after striking a deal with the US government. The packages Wilson sent out to the troops were marked with “U.S.” The soldiers would joke that the packages came from Uncle Sam, referring to Wilson.


7. Abraham Lincoln Is Part Of The Wrestling Hall Of Fame

us history facts

This is a classic US history fact concerning Abe Lincoln. Apart from being president and abolishing slavery, did you know that he was also a bad-ass wrestler?


He first started wrestling while working as a store clerk in Menard County, Illinois. His boss would often brag that Abe could “outrun or outfight any man in the county.” Lincoln fought over 300 fights and eventually won a place in the iconic Wrestling Hall of Fame.


8. First-born Sons of The Anheuser-Busch Family Drank Beer Before Mother’s Milk

us history facts

Yes, you read that right. NPR recently covered this slightly disturbing story about the Anheuser-Busch brewing company, makers of America’s King of Beers.


The family company was passed down from father to son over 5 generations, and each first-born son was made to taste the beer before anything else, including mother’s milk.


9. Independence Day Is Actually July 2nd

us history facts


That’s right; the colonies were actually considered independent from July 2nd when the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia voted and approved a resolution of independence.


However, the actual Declaration of Independence wasn’t adopted by the Congress until 2 days later. Even John Adams said, “the Second of July, 1776, will be the most memorable [time] in the history of America.”


10. The Statue of Liberty Has A Bad case Of Royal Toe

us history facts

The last of our US history facts concerns Lady Lib. Did you know she’s got a bad case of Royal Foot (when the second toe is longer than the first).


Royal Foot is a very common condition and was actually idealized by Greek sculptors, which is why the condition is sometimes also called Greek’s foot. Bartholdi was a classically-trained sculptor, which comes across clear by his sculpting of Lady Liberty’s feet.


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