10 Tasty Weed Edibles You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Meals

by greenrush
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If smoking isn't your thing, weed edibles are a quick and easy way to get a taste of that sweet THC without having to smoke it. Who said edibles are just for dessert either? While cookies and brownies remain classic go-tos, there are virtually endless ways of getting your weed on. We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to carefully pair cannabis with your meals that will open you up to the delicious world of weed edibles.


*Always read any warnings, labels, dosing information, or serving sizes before consumption*


1. Start the day right

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The majority of us need some kind of caffeine boost to get us going in the morning so why not start the day off with a zinger? This zero calorie, all natural, cannabis-infused cold brew coffee is roasted in Portland, Oregon by Coava Coffee and is perfect for anyone who likes a cup of hot joe. Get the 16oz bottle, infused with 5mg of THC.


2. Breakfast of champions

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What’s the only thing better than a pop-tart? How about a weed-infused pop tart? These cherry almond tarts from the female-run Treat Yourself are vegan, full of superfoods, and free of gluten, soy, and refined sugars, perfect for a weed-friendly, healthy breakfast. Tarts are sold in a one or four pack and are dosed individually with 13mg CBD and 5mg THC. If cherry's not your thing, they also come in Strawberry Rose.


3. Mid-morning snack

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These premium, made from scratch cereal treats are dosed at 50mg THC per treat and come in Magic Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Puff, Strawberry Crisp, and Fruity Cereal. Get them from Evergreen Organix.


4. PB & Weed Jelly

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Having a sandwich for lunch every day can get a little repetitive. Kick your PB&J up a notch with Apothepur’s 400mg Infused Grape Jelly. Each pot contains 9 fluid ounces.


5. Dessert

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The edible jury is out on the cookie vs. brownie debate. Next time you’re faced with the end all or be all of dessert conundrums, don’t settle… get both! With Kaneh Co’s Best of Both World's Brownie, available in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg, you no longer have to decide.


6. Sneaky Treat

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These Sour Kush Kids from Baked Bros are a delightful weed version of Sour Patch Kids and were awarded Best Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014. These hand infused gummies come in 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg strengths. Also try the Sour Worms, Sour Bears, Watermelon Slices, and Peach Rings.


7. High-drate

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Have you ever dreamed of the ability to make any food or beverage an edible? Look no further than Ripple Pure 10. Each packet contains 10mg of odorless and flavorless dissolvable THC that infuses anything you can imagine, without altering texture or taste.


8. Afternoon Pick Me Up

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These KIVA Terra Bites pack a tiny, but potent, punch. Made from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans coated in dark chocolate, each bite contains 5mg of THC, providing the perfect pep for any time of day.


9. At a little heat to your dinner

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For “sweet heat and a sweet high” this Craft Elixir in Capitol Hill Heat functions like a hot sauce, which basically means you can take it everywhere. In Habanero and Smoke flavors, each bottle contains 80mg of THC.


10. Wine-ding down

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You may need to venture across the pond for this one, but if nothing else it’s worth exploring. The world’s first CannaWine, yes, weed-infused wine, is here. The wine is combined with non-psychoactive cannabinoids to give you therapeutic qualities of CBD in your evening glass of red.