10 Influential Women Who Smoke Weed

by greenrush
women who smoke weed

Whoever said that stoners never do anything noteworthy has clearly never met some of the women on this list. Women are leading the cannabis industry, not just in terms of entrepreneurship, as consumers as well. A report published last year showed that women smoke more weed than men and women are consistently at the forefront of cannabis enterprises all over the United States. Here are just 10 influential women who smoke weed you may recognize.



women who smoke weed

Rihanna remains one of the biggest female icons of popular music and doesn’t mind bragging about her love for weed. Her appearance at Coachella in 2012, where she rolled a blunt on the bald head of her bodyguard, is definitely one for the history books when it comes to public displays of marijuana affection.


Whoopi Goldberg

women who smoke weed

Ah, a true weed woman. And not just because she loves to smoke. Whoopi Goldberg has decided to add “cannabis entrepreneurship” to her list of life achievements (of which there are many). We remember her for Sister Act, and now she’s acting for sisters all over the USA who have menstrual discomfort with her line of marijuana products aimed specifically at period cramps.



women who smoke weed

Solange is the sister of famous Beyoncé and a musical genius in her own right. She even wrote a special ode to our favorite plant called Chronic Champagne Nightcap. She unapologetically told reporters that she only writes about things that are true and has always been open about her love for ganja.


Martha Stewart

women who smoke weed

Martha Stewart, the queen of home recipes and DIY. She also happens to be one of our most famous women who smoke weed. Does everybody remember the cooking show Martha Stewart did with Snoop Dogg? Well, they weren’t just whipping up Sunday lunches. They were also baking pot brownies together. Martha Stewart made her canna-love famous during an interview with Andy Cohen where she admitted to him, “of course I know how to roll a joint”.


Sarah Palin

women who smoke weed

We’ve ticked musicians and businesswomen off the list, and now it’s time to get politics involved. Sarah Palin admits to having smoked some weed in her life, and for that reason, she isn’t too worried about the legalization movement in the USA. Sarah thinks stoners aren’t doing any harm to the rest of the world and we ought to focus on bigger issues!



women who smoke weed

Oprah’s past love for cannabis is pretty much public knowledge these days. Although she admitted to David Letterman that she hasn’t smoked in about 30 years, she wasn’t shy about her love for ganja in the past. They even exchanged what their favorite foods were for when the munchies set in. There is a possibility that Oprah will be running for president in 2020, in which case her affinity for the herb is bound to mean a lot!


Maya Angelou

women who smoke weed

Who would’ve thought Maya Angelou had a close connection with marijuana? One of the most prominent writers and poets of the twentieth century, this weed woman wasn’t shy about documenting her cannabis experiences. She wrote about it extensively in her autobiography, Gather Together In My Name. She recounts what it was like to eat her mother’s dinner while high and going for long walks stoned.


Lady Gaga

women who smoke weed

In Lady Gaga’s Netflix series, Five Foot Two, she gives an honest insight into what her life as a superstar is like. One of the biggest challenges Gaga confronts in this series is her journey with fibromyalgia and the chronic pain that comes with it. She makes it clear that marijuana is the perfect medicine to deal with chronic pain - especially in grandma’s car!



women who smoke weed

When it comes to women who smoke weed, this comedian and actress was never shy about her marijuana use. Roseanne Barr said that using cannabis was helping her treat her glaucoma and macular degeneration, two conditions that were slowly causing her to lose her eyesight. It was on the agenda for Roseanne to open a dispensary in California called Roseanne’s Joint, but the plans fell through and she withdrew from the venture. What a shame! It would have been fun to laugh with Roseanne.


 Sarah Silverman

women who smoke weed

The last - but definitely not least - influential weed woman on our list is Sarah Silverman. It comes as no surprise that there are a few comedians on this list of women who smoke weed! We love Sarah Silverman because she has never been shy about loving marijuana. Her best accessory on the red carpet right before winning an Emmy was her vape pen, and she certainly didn’t mind flaunting it. She also openly admits to ripping bongs in front of her parents - no shame there!


These influential American women love marijuana and marijuana loves women too!


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