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420 Careers: Tips on How To Land Cannabis Jobs Today

4 years ago

Got a passions for cannabis? In this article, we’re going to show you how to land cannabis jobs and become part of America’s fastest growing industry. For this article, we talked to a variety of cannabis companies and employers and got their tips on how you can secure your next gig today. Here’s what they said.

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Whether you’re fresh out of university and looking for an exciting position to kick-start your career, or whether you’re an experienced professional looking for a change of pace, this article is going to provide you with everything you need to know to break into the cannabis industry just in time for 420.

We spoke to two cannabis companies from different sectors of the industry to get their tips on making yourself stand out from other candidates when applying for cannabis jobs, and asked them what skills, experience, and personal qualities they look for in potential team members.

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A Quick Overview of The Cannabis Job Market

join the green rush: find cannabis jobs for 420

To give you an idea of the well of opportunity that lays before you, lets take a quick look at the cannabis industry in the US.

According to a recent report by Arcview Market Research, the cannabis industry will be worth $7.1 billion by the end of this year. The industry is expected to keep growing at an average rate of 30% per annum, to a total value of $22 billion by 2020.

This immense growth is due to a number of legislative changes that have opened the doors for legal cannabis sales, both recreational and medicinal, around the country in states like Colorado and Washington.

The estimated growth of the industry is based on trends regarding the legalisation of cannabis and cannabis products around the US, recent sales figures, and a change in how Americans feel about cannabis and cannabis users. This includes everything from legislative changes on how the product is regulated, to social changes on how people view its role in our society.

And with such huge industry growth comes the obvious need for talented and passionate professionals. Cannabis businesses, regardless of their role in the industry, are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join their team and help them meet the growing demand for their products and services.

However, there will undoubtedly be a huge number of job seekers wanting to make the most of this new employment market. Both amateur and experienced professionals are already aware of the growing opportunities within the cannabis industry, and will be doing their best to secure a place within it sooner rather than later.

If you’re interested in cannabis jobs and want to learn how to make yourself stand out from the sea of other applicants, keep reading as we walk you through some basic tips for cannabis job seekers.

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Tips for Landing Cannabis Jobs

We’ve talked about the growth of the cannabis industry and we’ve shown you the figures. Now, let’s get down to the finer details of how you can secure a cannabis job just in time for 420.

For the purpose of this article we got in touch with two cannabis companies and asked them what kind of skills, experience, and personal qualities they look for in potential new candidates.

Here are the companies we interviewed, and the tips they had for anyone interested in working with cannabis:

GreenLantern Medical - Dispensary, San Francisco, CA

join the green rush: find cannabis jobs for 420

GreenLantern is hiring delivery drivers, back office staff, and growers. 

GreenLantern Medical is a non-profit cooperative and dispensary that specializes in providing medicinal cannabis services to patients who require in-home care. The company services the San Francisco Bay area, and prides itself on providing fast, discreet delivery of a variety of cannabis products.

The company values each of their patients, and works with them individually to help them find the right products based on their needs. Most importantly, GreenLantern prides itself on being knowledgeable about each one of its products and providing accurate information to its patients in order to help them medicate properly.

We spoke to Phil Wiseman, Founder of GreenLantern, and asked him to give us a rundown of the kind of skills, experience, and personal qualities he looks for in potential job candidates.

First and foremost, he mentioned the importance of customer service skills for anyone looking for cannabis jobs in the retail and dispensary sector, such as delivery drivers or budtenders.

“GreenLantern works directly with patients, so we seek individuals that provide excellent customer care and always put their customers first. Every single person that has some kind of contact with our company MUST have a positive experience,” he said.

“We also look for people who can follow instructions and processes clearly. Punctuality and professionalism are also very important in our industry.”

GreenLantern hires delivery drivers, back office staff, and growers to help them run their operations and develop their products. Phil mentioned that a solid combination technological skills and the appropriate qualifications will help people secure these kinds of roles.

“We generally prefer drivers with previous experience in customer service, but that isn’t always necessary. Whats most important is that they have a great attitude and professional appearance. When we hire back office staff, we’re really on the lookout for computer savvy individuals that are detail oriented. Finally, all our growers MUST have a Californian growers licence and a proven track record with good flower,” he said.

Phil also touched on the importance of company culture at GreenLantern and in his industry in general. He always looks for individuals that are motivated, like-minded, open, and honest. Finally, he said that anyone looking for cannabis jobs needs to be dedicated and enthusiastic about what they do.

“If you want to get hired in the cannabis industry and REALLY excel, you need to be passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated. You need to understand the product and have the drive to research and investigate it regularly in order to stay informed. If you commit to what you’re good at and you believe in yourself, the rest will surely follow,” he said.

GreenLantern is currently looking for delivery drivers, back office staff, and growers. If you match the description above, contact GreenLantern today by calling Phil on 408-475-4565.

Bud and Breakfast - San Francisco, CA

join the green rush: find cannabis jobs for 420

Bud and Breakfast is hiring a talented PHP developer. 

Bud and Breakfast launched in 2015 and focuses on providing safe and legal cannabis-friendly accommodation across the world for travelling members of the cannabis community. The idea came about when CEO and Co-Founder Sean Roby first bought the domain name years ago. Now, thanks to legislative changes in various locations, Bud and Breakfast has become a reality.

The site allows users who live in areas where cannabis is legalized to list their properties and invite cannabis user to stay, sometimes providing cannabis products and paraphernalia as well. It aims to meet the demand for travelling cannabis users to have easy access to products and enjoy their vacation in a welcoming environment.

In its first year, Bud and Breakfast already has over 350 properties listed across the US in states like Colorado and Alaska, and even international locations like Uruguay, Jamaica, and Spain. We spoke with Sean and asked him to tell us what personal qualities he looks for in potential new team members.

“At Bud and Breakfast, we look for energetic and charismatic team players who have great people skills and always follow through. We also look for people who stand behind and REALLY believe in the cannabis industry,” he said.

We also asked Sean about specific professional skills that he thinks will help people stand out when applying for cannabis jobs. He said that basic tech, marketing, and PR skills are a solid cocktail that’ll make a CV shine, and mentioned that industry knowledge and prior experience within the sharing community are also added bonuses that employers are looking for.

Sean agrees that, due to rapid growth, all sectors of the cannabis industry are currently looking for talented professionals to help individual cannabis businesses grow and mature. This includes marketing, technology, travel, hospitality, business development, science (like botany, biology, and horticulture), finance, and more.

He also added that anyone looking for a new career in the cannabis industry needs to be dedicated, passionate, and willing to to go the extra mile.

“If you’re looking for cannabis jobs, prepare to work hard, stay focused and ancillary. This industry is INDEED dot com on steroids. Oh, and remember, sleep is not for start ups,” said Sean.

Bud and Breakfast is currently on the lookout for a new, talented PHP developer to help them develop and maintain their site as it grows and manages more users. We spoke with CTO George Ludwig, and asked him to elaborate on the kind of person he is looking for to fill this role.

“We are looking for a developer that is talented and self-motivated, and has a proven track record. I also believe company culture is really important, so I think anyone wanting to apply for a cannabis job needs to be passionate about the industry and the product. If you don’t care about cannabis, then you shouldn’t be working in the industry,” said George.

Bud and Breakfast will be exhibiting at Join The Green Rush at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on April 30th and will be keeping an eye out for any talented PHP developers that fit the above profile. To be part of the JTGR job fair, read on to fget free tickets.

Celebrate 420: Find Cannabis Jobs at Join The Green Rush

join the green rush: find cannabis jobs today

If you’ve ever dreamt of working in the cannabis industry, celebrate 420 this year by landing your dream career in America’s fastest growing industry. On April 30th, make sure you head to the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco to attend Join The Green Rush; California’s biggest cannabis jobs fair.

The fair will combine dozens of the biggest cannabis companies and industry leaders from every sector with thousands of talented applicants, all under one roof. 

For more information about career opportunities in the cannabis industry, check out our recent post on cannabis jobs and make sure you submit your CV to Join The Green Rush for various job listings. 

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