These Las Vegas Dispensaries Will Get You Prepared For 420 In Style

by greenrush
las vegas dispensaries

Spending the High Holy Day (Friday, April 20, 2018) in Sin City does not sound like a bad idea in the slightest… until you get there and realize that there are so many Las Vegas dispensaries that you are paralyzed by the possibilities. Never fear because your friends at greenRush want to make sure you live your best 420 Las Vegas life! We’ve got the guide you need to get the goodies you deserve this 420.


Our Favorite Las Vegas Dispensaries


When it comes to getting your hands on the stickiest, ickiest ganja in the desert metropolis of Las Vegas, you’ve got a plenty of options. Out of all the dispensaries in Las Vegas, three offer the finest cannabis and weed-related products your hard-earned money can buy. Here are our recommendations for each location.


Jenny’s Las Vegas


Jenny’s Las Vegas Dispensary is owned by the same people who grow Waveseer Medical Marijuana in Nevada. They are committed to bringing high-quality, lab-tested medical cannabis to their community. With two Nevada locations to serve its customers, Jenny’s is one of the finest of Las Vegas dispensaries.


Pepe Le Pew Pre-Roll

las vegas dispensaries

If you’re looking to get in the door and out of your head as quickly as possible, snatch up a Pepe Le Pew Pre-Roll from Waveseer. This old-school hybrid brings you the best of both worlds: body highs from the indica, head buzz from the sativa. Pre-rolls make this a convenient option for out-of-towners who don’t want to bother with paraphernalia—or just a busy stoner on-the-go.


Nature’s Chemistry Green Crack Flower

las vegas dispensaries

If you’ve got a little bit more time on your hands, you’ll love spending 420 with Nature’s Chemistry Green Crack flower. This is a sativa strain that encourages general frivolity, which is what holidays are all about! You’ll have no problem parlaying your smoking adventures to the casino, nightclub, world-class restaurant, or adult entertainment venue.


Rove Haze Cartridge

For celebrating 420 in a more discrete nature, try out one of Rove’s awesome concentrate cartridges. We recommend the Haze Cartridge because it is predominantly sativa, which will make for a fun night with friends. It has tasty tropical flavors that will pair well with a fruity adult beverage sipped poolside at your favorite cabana.


Essence Henderson


One of our favorite Las Vegas dispensaries just so happens to be outside the city limits in nearby Henderson. Essence Henderson has a sister store on the Las Vegas Strip, but locals don’t live on the Strip (and your Airbnb probably isn’t there, either). Essence Henderson works with premiere cultivator Desert Grown Farms to offer some of our favorite products.


Desert Grown Glue #4 Flower

Las Vegas is the Land of Buffets, and if you want to celebrate 420 by indulging in more way than one, then allow us to suggest this Desert Grown Farms flower: the Desert Grown Glue #4! This appetite-stimulating indica-heavy hybrid will have you ready to go back for plates number two, three, and maybe even four, if you believe in yourself (or have enough Desert Grown Farms goodies to help you out).


Desert Grown Extracts Sativa Capsules

las vegas dispensaries

Not only the folks at Desert Grown Farms grow fine cannabis cultivars, they also extract their potent products into edibles! These 10mg Sativa Capsules from Desert Grown Extracts are sold in packs of 10 and are the ultimate uplifting edible high for your 420 in Las Vegas. Discreet, direct, and a downright good time, these little pot pods are made with coconut oil and are vegan-friendly!


Desert Grown Cookies Flower

las vegas dispensaries

A perennial favorite, this Desert Grown Farms flower offering is just what you need to chill out after a long day of overstimulation. Desert Grown Cookies is a powerful indica strain that will give you the couchlock (or hot tub lock) you crave after a day of romping around the desert.


Oasis Cannabis


Where there is a desert, there is an oasis (or maybe it’s the other way around). Oasis Cannabis operates 24-hours so your 420 can happen any time of the day. Located close to The Strip, Oasis Cannabis partners with local cultivators like Deep Roots Harvest, Matrix, and Polaris to bring the best of the desert to its guests.


Tsunami Cartridges

las vegas dispensaries

Cannabis is a miracle. It provides healing relief from many ailments, and sometimes the THC can be too much for some people. If you want to experience a more relaxed, less mind-boggling version of 420, we love the Tsunami Cartridges. The Tsunami Tangie and Tsunami Sour Lemon put the focus on CBD quality vs THC content. Relax your bones and drift through your day with the help of these pleasantly citrusy extracts.


Sativa Cheeba Chews

las vegas dispensaries

Elevate your 420 experience by strolling down The Strip with a Sativa Cheeba Chew in your mouth. Portioned out to 10mg doses, these tasty treats provide just the right amount of uplifting pep in your step to make it through a long holiday of getting super stoned. These are a classic selection for those who enjoy edibles.


Dixie Bath Soak

If you’ve been wandering through the desert (or just up and down The Strip) all day, then your muscles will be aching at the end of your 420. Cap off the night and put your bathtub to good use with Dixie Bath Soak. The THC-infused bath enhancer will have your body maximally relaxed in no time flat.


The Easiest Way To Buy Weed


When it comes to Las Vegas dispensaries, with options for delivery and pick up, greenRush is the easiest way to buy weed. Start your order today.