420 Travel Guide to Exploring the Beauty of Marin

by Jessica
Rodeo Beach, Marin

From woodlands to beaches, coves, and lakes, Marin County offers a plethora of gorgeous views. Located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, the area is considered the playground of San Francisco, with redwoods, music venues, and beautiful landscapes. If you’re looking for cannabis delivery in SF and Marin, check out our guide for the best places to explore and our recommended products to accompany all that Marin offers.

Top Places to Explore Marin County, California, While High 

  1. Muir Woods

    [caption id="" align="alignright" width="550"]Muir Woods, California A cool, inspiring walk through towering Redwoods anyone?[/caption]

You can’t help but feel in awe when standing at the foot of a towering redwood tree. The 554-acre grounds of Muir Woods National Monument are covered with redwoods that reach up to 258-feet tall and are hundreds of years old. 

The tallest trees are in the Bohemian Grove, accessible by a boardwalk and an easy way to enjoy nature without going on a strenuous hike. If you do prefer to hike, there are also plenty of trail options in the area. 

You can’t smoke in the woods, though, so if you want to feel the euphoric kick of weed while admiring the park, we recommend an edible like a gummy or a cannabis tonic

2. Rodeo Beach 

Just three miles northwest of the Golden Gate Bridge, this beach is covered in red and green pebbles, unlike any other beach in the area. 

It’s sheltered by cliffs, with a lagoon nearby, and is perfect for enjoying kite flying or a picnic spot to watch the Pacific Ocean roar. There are also two nearby military forts, Fort Barry and Fort Cronkhite, that once guarded the shores. 

Keep in mind that Rodeo Beach is on national parkland, so you can’t use cannabis products on the beach. Instead, enjoy a tincture or edible before you arrive, like a KIVA chocolate bar. 

3. Marin Headlands 

For a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge, head to Marin Headlands. The focal lookout point is called Hawk Hill, so called because it offers one of the best spots to see flights of hawks, falcons, eagles, and other raptors during the autumn months. 

This area is a fog-swept coastal prairie with a unique ecosystem. It offers dramatic cliffs, striking views, and rolling hills of coyote bush and sage. 

Why not try order cannabis delivery in SF and Marin, to relax while you take in the views. What about one of our vapes like a live resin dart pod from Absolute Extracts

4. Kirby Cove

If you want a great camping spot, then check out Kirby Cove. This secluded cove offers fantastic views, a pristine beach, and  tent sites. 

The beach is made up of red and brown sand sprinkled with multicolored pebbles. It’s one of the best places to go for a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and is in fact a popular spot for photographers. 

For some peace and quiet, try some Kanha Tranquility gummies while you escape the city and immerse yourself in the ocean views. 

5. Sweetwater Music Hall

Music lovers will enjoy the famous Sweetwater Music Hall venue in Mill Valley. The concert venue has been in operation since 1972 and is known for its rock and roll concerts, but they also feature soul, jazz, and country music. 

The venue has a restaurant with American and Mexican grub. They have concerts most nights, but it’s worth checking out their schedule and booking in advance. 

For a lively experience, try one of the social tonics by CANN before you go. 

6. Lake Lagunitas

For an escape amidst the trees and flowers, check out Lake Lagunitas. One of seven reservoirs, it’s one of the area’s oldest and smallest lakes. 

The area offers hiking and running trails and is accessible to dogs, but they must be kept on a leash. The lake is open year-round, making it a great destination during every season. 

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Cannabis Delivery in SF and Marin: Enjoy Everything Marin County Has to Offer

Whether you are here for the weekend or live in the area, Marin County offers a lot. The gorgeous views make it a great place to enjoy some time off with a vape, gummies, or other cannabis products.