420 Travel Guide to Sacramento: A Deep Dive into History

by Jessica
drone view of Sacramento political offices

While California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco tend to get the most attention, don’t sleep on Sacramento, especially if you’re into history and cannabis. It is the state capitol, after all, which means there’s lots to learn there about the Golden State. 

While “Sac” has changed significantly over the years, there are some staple places that any history buff needs to visit – with a little help from Mary Jane, of course.

Is There Cannabis Near Me, and What Are The Rules in Sacramento?

[caption id="attachment_9894" align="alignright" width="604"]historic Sacramento city center Take a tour of Sacremento with a buzz, thanks to a delivery fromGreen Rush[/caption]

First things first: While recreational cannabis is legal in Sacramento, there are still some rules. To that end, Sacramento law states that you can’t ingest cannabis in public, so do so at home before you leave your property. 

Additionally, take advantage of Uber or public transportation for your transportation needs. Be sure to plan for traffic (during rush hour especially), as Sac is a car-heavy city. Finally, never carry more than an ounce of flower or eight grams of concentrated product – that’s the legal limit.

First Stop: The California State Railroad Museum

You may be thinking, “Why would I go to a train museum? I don’t care about trains.” But trust me, the California State Railroad Museum is a true gem with something for everyone.

Not only will you find straight up train cars at the museum, but you can also go on a train ride alongside the Sacramento River, pulled by an old-timey locomotive. Additionally, there’s a library and archives if you want to take a deep dive into train history.

Even if you’ve been to the museum before, you should go again as there’s a lot to see. Plus, exhibits have become more inclusive over the years, and the staff have a reputation for being warm, welcoming, and funny.

Before you go, nosh on a Kanha Cherry Gummy, a sativa that contains 100 mg of THC; this will enhance your curiosity and bliss you out – perfect for a day of train exploration. Or, smoke some of Highland’s Mango Glue, a potent sativa resin that will activate your mind and mellow you out.

Enjoy the Downtown Sacramento Historical Food Tour

Don’t get it twisted: Downtown Sac has a thriving, diverse, and evolving food scene that can rival any other city. So why not venture out with knowledgeable locals who can educate you on Sacramento history while taking you to the best restaurants.

The Downtown Sac Historical Food Tour is a three-hour excursion that, for just over $100, covers multiple tastings, beverages (alcoholic and non), and time with a guide to learn all about the city they’re super passionate about.

Guides on the walking tour will also point out Sacramento’s many murals, giving you visual stimulus to go along with the incredible noshing you’ll be doing. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

Pair this epicurean adventure with Dip N Dabs Durban Lime Badder, a sativa will keep your spirits high without slowing you down. Or opt for the Buddies 5g Capsule, a hybrid microdose that will take the edge off. Either way, you’ll enjoy all the enhanced flavors of Downtown Sac.

Dive Into State History at the California State Capitol Museum

Do you love looking at beautiful architecture and wandering through gardens? Are you a fan of California’s multi-faceted political history? Then you have to visit the California State Capitol Museum.

If museum tours are your thing, you can take a guided tour with a knowledgeable host and/or a self-guided tour. That way you’re sure to learn all of the historical tidbits you might not otherwise be privy to. There are also cool exhibits with historical artifacts.

Additionally, there’s lots of art to take in, including governors’ portraits, murals, statues, and more. Outside, you can take a walk in the gardens and gaze up at the building’s laudable architecture.

To fuel your day at the capitol – where you never have to wonder, “Is there cannabis near me?” – enjoy Tutti’s Raspberry Parfait hash, a sativa that promises focus and relaxation. You can also smoke Ganja Gold’s Apple Fritter Pre-Roll, a hybrid sure to help you enjoy what’s around you.

Don’t Sleep on Sacramento, Get a Cannabis Delivery Near Me

Indeed, Sacramento is a great place to dive into history while enjoying different kinds of cannabis products. With great food, expertly curated museums, and a history that’s unique and engaging, you’re sure to have a blast soaking in all that Sac has to offer. Have fun and be safe!