The 5 Best Cannabis Products In San Francisco For October

by greenrush

The results are in! Want to know which cannabis products came out on top this month in San Francisco? Out of the 927 products you ordered from greenRush this month, we managed to narrow it down to the 5 you couldn’t seem to get enough of! From vapes to edibles and everything in between, we've compiled a list of the 5 best cannabis products in San Francisco for October.

Sunset Sherbert Flowers

best cannabis products in san francisco

If you're looking for a Girl Scout Cookie-type, total relaxation hybrid, look no further than Sunset Sherbert Flowers. This indica-leaning hybrid fuses with another called Pink Panties and offers an intoxicating, full body effect. With notes of citrus, candy, and sweet berry, this rich hybrid melts away stress and tension to leave you feeling relaxed and decidedly worry-free. Want to give it a try? Get it delivered.


Khalifa Kush

best cannabis products in san francisco

You might know this indica dominant hybrid by the name 'Wiz Khalifa OG'. Legendary within the cannabis community, this strain is a descendant of the insanely popular OG Kush. This strain will stimulate you, making you feel energetic and upbeat whilst getting rid of pain. After that though, you'll get the best mellow you've ever felt. For any anxiety sufferers out there, this strain could be just the thing for you. We’re not one to pick sides but if you’re going to try anything on this list, this is one of the best cannabis products in San Francisco. Try it today.


Breez Royal Mints

best cannabis products in san francisco

Ever wished you could have THC in your pocket? Well, now you can. Every Breez Royal Mint packs a punch with 20mg of THC in every mint. You'll notice delicious notes of peppermint and vanilla. Be warned though, these small mints are powerful and we recommend only experienced users try them out. Think you can handle it? Get it delivered and try for yourself.


HMBLDT Dose Pens

best cannabis products in san francisco

Looking for a vape that ticks all the boxes? HMBLDT has something for you. These pre-filled pens offer over 200 doses as well as giving you a precise dose every time. Their high-CBD formula will relieve anxiety and help to calm your mind and body. For those of you who have trouble sleeping, these pens can help you fall asleep and get a good night’s sleep. They're also made from recycled materials and when you return a used pen, you get a $5 discount on your next HMBLDT purchase. When it comes to the best cannabis products in San Francisco, these are definitely up there. You don’t even have to leave your house, you can get these pens sent straight to you. Pretty sweet!


Moxie Live Resin Sauce

best cannabis products in san francisco

When it comes to choosing the best cannabis products, care and attention is everything. You can't go wrong with Moxie Extract's most popular product. They take meticulous care in how they make their live resins, using fresh frozen flowers. It definitely shows in the sheer quality and amazing color of the resin. It won’t shock you to learn that they won the Cannabis Cup last year for their Goji D.C. strain, making this live resin one of last month's top products. Want to see what everyone is talking about? Try it for yourself.


Happy ‘Halloweed’ from greenRush!


If you can’t wait to try these products out, we’ve got these and hundreds more right here on greenRush. With options for delivery and pickup, it’s easy to get the weed you want, delivered straight to you. As an extra Halloween treat, we’re giving $100 worth of weed every day from now until Halloween. Enter our contest on Facebook for your chance to win. If you're a first-time patient, use the code FB80 for $20 off your first order and $10 off your next 6 orders! Happy ‘Halloweed’ from us to you!