5 Best Flowers for Valentine's Day

by greenrush
best flowers for valentine's

The day of romantic reckoning is at hand: Valentines Day! Some people are scurrying around to buy overpriced roses for their beloved, but the more enlightened lovers know what the real best flowers for Valentines Day are: sweet, sweet cannabis. The physical and mental effects of weed make it an ideal enhancement to your holiday repertoire.


And hey, if you’re alone this Valentines Day, never fear. Quality cannabis can make an excellent gift of self-love, especially if you plan on romancing yourself. Whether you’re looking for the best weed to smoke with your SO or a smoky treat for thee, thyself, and thou, greenRush can help you get the best bang for your buck.


Everybody will respond differently to weed, of course, so these strains are merely suggestions to get things going in the right direction. If you have a personal best weed for Valentines Day—or any other sexy times—leave us a suggestion in the comments!


Sour Dream

best flowers for valentine's
This superstar strain comes from a pedigreed line of two of the cannabis world’s finest offerings: Blue Dream x Sour Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid uplifts your mood and gets you in the mindset of a good time and could very well be one of the best flowers for Valentines Day. The mind-tingling pungency of Sour Diesel couples with the body-buzz euphoria of Blue Dream to encourage a mind-body experience for the record books.


Ultimate Trainwreck

best flowers for valentine's

Are you trying to take things to a new level this Valentines Day? Do you want to propose… that you and your SO undertake some previously untapped bedroom territory? Would you like to forget how many heart-shaped pizzas you order? Then Ultimate Trainwreck is the Valentines flower for you! This sativa strain comes from the Trainwreck lineage and is known for its ability to completely obliterate your mental clarity. Go easy if this is your choice for the holiday. You want to remember at least a little of what goes down, right?


White Widow

best flowers for valentine's
One of the best flowers for Valentines is this legendary lady: White Widow benefits from its Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica parents. This balanced and beautiful bud brings both euphoria to your noggin as well as a buzz to your bottom. White Widow has been perfected down to a science and gives you the hybrid high that suits both a romp in the sheets and pillow talk after the fact.



best flowers for valentine's

Not only is it Valentines Day, but it’s that special time of year to get your hands on everyone’s favorite cookies! This delicious indica-leaning hybrid—born of legendary hybrid OG Kush and pure sativa Durban Poison—G.S.C., formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, brings pure joy to its users. G.S.C. is one of the best flowers for Valentines Day because not only will your body buzz lend itself to playtime in the sheets, but this strain encourages talkativeness, too. As we all know, the brain is the most erotic muscle, so flex that medulla oblongata, baby!

Chocolate Chunk

best flowers for valentine's

You can’t legally celebrate Valentines Day without a piece of chocolate, but if you and your honey lack a sweet tooth, call on Chocolate Chunk to save the holiday. This is a bold indica inclusion on our list, and it runs the risk of gluing you to the sofa if you’re too heavy-handed in your consumption. Take the time to enjoy the earthy aromas and flavors and then bask in the body high to help make you tingle from your head all the way down to your curling toes.


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