5 Tips To Help You Increase Dispensary Sales

by greenrush
dispensary sales

Every business is constantly looking to generate more sales and cannabis dispensaries are no different. Generating those sales, however, can be difficult seeing that the sale and marketing of cannabis are still heavily regulated. Luckily, here are 5 actionable tips to help you boost your dispensary sales today:


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dispensary sales

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2. Solidify Your Brand

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Branding is super important for any business, including cannabis dispensaries. Create a solid brand that captures the essence of your store and you’re bound to see an increase in sales.


Unfortunately, we see a lot of dispensaries struggling to build strong brands. And we understand why; there are a ton of restrictions governing how cannabis is advertised and marketed, so it can be intimidating for dispensaries to step up their branding game.


To build a better brand, start by really understanding your target audience. Think about the kind of cannabis consumers you want to target. Then, start to build a personality that aligns with your ideal customer.


Once you’ve identified the look, feel, and personality of your brand, start applying it to all your promotional material. From your social media posts to your in-store displays, your brand should be proudly displayed on every customer-facing aspect of your business.


Note: Branding is a huge topic that we can’t possibly cover in its entirety in this article. Keep a lookout for more detailed articles on branding for dispensaries in the future.


3. Offer Plenty Of Sales Incentives

dispensary sales



One of the best ways to boost your dispensary sales is to give customers reasons to spend money at your store.


Sales initiatives can come in all shapes and sizes. Clearance sales, for example, can be a really great way to move inventory and clear up shelf-space. Limited-time offers (like 24 or 48-hour sales, for example) are also great for creating urgency and increasing sales quickly for a short period of time.


Another great way for cannabis businesses to boost their sales is to run loyalty programs. People are much more likely to buy from you if there’s something in it for them (ie. a discount or free delivery, for example). Just be careful not to give away any free cannabis as that’s illegal in most states.


4. Conceptualize Your Store

dispensary sales

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Cannabis dispensaries are brick and mortar businesses. Hence, just like regular retail stores, it’s really important you start to think about the buying experience your dispensary offers.


Again, this is something we see a lot of dispensaries lacking. Just like regular consumers, cannabis customers are looking for more than just a hole-in-the-wall store with a counter and a cash register. They value stores that offer a buying experience that's comfortable, trendy, and efficient, and that’s something you can use to your advantage.


A handful of dispensaries are starting to experiment with new ways to approach their sales. Using interactive technology in your store, for example, can help you engage your customers while they’re waiting or can even be used to gather information on your customers.


The design and decor of your store also play a huge part in what kind of customers you attract and how much money they throw down at the register.


5. Never Skimp On Service

dispensary sales



Service is easily one of the biggest factors separating great dispensaries from the rest. Cannabis consumers and patients are sticklers for great service, so make sure your customer service is up to scratch if you’re looking to boost your dispensary sales.


Now, service is a pretty broad term. So, narrow it down and start by properly training any staff that deal with customers at your store. This includes everyone from your budtenders to your security guards.


Also, make sure your team is knowledgeable about cannabis and, more importantly, your specific products. Make sure your staff takes the time to understand your customers and help them find a product that’s right for them.


Note: For more tips on customer service, check out this article on budtender training.


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