6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Cannabis-Loving Dads

by greenrush
father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to help Dad celebrate than with a nice batch of cannabis? Read on, as we share a hand-curated list of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for cannabis-loving Dads.


Toast Original 5 Pack Pre-rolls

father's day gift ideas



These aren’t your standard pre-rolls; they’re the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dads who love unwinding with a bit of class.


Toast was one of the first companies to produce professionally manufactured cannabis cigarettes. This 5-pack of pre-rolls contains a 100% natural, mild cannabis blend with the perfect balance of THC and CBD (5.5% and 11%, respectively).


Each cigarette delivers a nice, balanced euphoria that activates the mind and relaxes the body. They are made using natural hemp rolling paper and a specially designed filter for a clean, smooth, and flavorful smoking experience.


Give your Dad an excuse to toast this Father’s Day and order your 5-pack of pre-rolls from Cannabis Express San Francisco today.


Dosist Wellness 50 Puff Kit

father's day gift ideas



Dosist is a cannabis health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients and recreational users enjoy cannabis in the healthiest and safest ways possible. So, if you’re Dad’s a health-conscious cannabis connoisseur, this is the perfect gift for him.


This kit contains 6 vapes from Dosists’ complete range of unique formulas, including Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, Arouse, and Passion. Each vape contains a different blend of cannabis designed to offer unique effects.


The Calm formula, for example, contains a CBD-rich cannabis blend designed to relax both the body and mind simultaneously. Bliss, on the other hand, contains a 9:1 THC-to-CBD formula designed to produce an invigorating, uplifting euphoria.


Get your Dad the full selection of Dosist formulas today in this awesome 50 Puff Kit available at Cannabis Express in San Francisco.


White Octane OG Pre-roll Pack

father's day gift ideas



White Octane OG is a highly potent strain and this pack of pre-rolls is the perfect gift for any Dad who loves potency.


White Octane OG contains over 27% THC and just under 2% CBD. It produces very strong effects characterized by a strong, long-lasting euphoria. In small doses, this strain can help activate the mind, while becoming more sedative in larger doses.


Produced by W Vapes, this pack of pre-rolls is made using only top-shelf product. W Vapes only uses 100% cannabis flower that's been ground to the perfect consistency to deliver a clean, smooth smoke. This pack contains 7 pre-rolls, all of which come in nitrogen-sealed packaging to ensure freshness and quality.


Put a smile on Dad’s face this Father’s Day and order your pack of White Octane OG Pre-rolls from Jenny’s in Henderson, Las Vegas.


Barewoods Limited Edition Vanilla Pre-Roll

father's day gift ideas



If your Dad loves the big, bold flavor of a blunt, look no further.


Barewoods Limited Edition pre-rolled blunts pack a full gram of top-shelf flower into a fresh, flavorful Vanilla Backwood wrapper. Once wrapped, the blunts are covered in 0.2g of nug run extract for extra potency and flavor. Finally, each Barewood comes with a glass tip for an easy, mess-free smoke.


Given their potency, these pre-rolls deliver strong, long-lasting relaxation. Barewoods was first started in 2007 by a grower’s collective in Southern California. Ever since then, the company has been dedicated to producing top-shelf cannabis products for patients and recreational users alike.


Order your limited edition Barewoods at Compassionate Bay Delivery in Salinas and make Dad’s day.


Marley Natural Wood Grinder

father's day gift ideas



Few smoking accessories are as useful as a grinder, and this has to be one of the best grinders on the market today.


Made by Marley smoking accessories, this natural wooden grinder boasts much more than just a sleek design. Unlike many other wooden grinders, this one comes complete with a metal grinding mechanism for extra precision.


With just a few twists, this grinder will grind even the stickiest, densest buds to the perfect consistency. Then, all that’s left for you to do is light up and enjoy that ultra smooth smoke you only ever get from the perfect grind.


Order the Marley Natural Wooden Grinder from The Way dispensary in Oakland today.


Evergreen Organix BBQ Sauce

father's day gift ideas



Is there any Dad that doesn’t love a summer BBQ? This delicious, organic BBQ sauce is the perfect gift for any Dad who loves manning the grill.


This delicious handmade sauce is the simplest way to spice up your old BBQ favorites, including everything from ribs and wings to tender brisket. Best of all, it contains 100mg of THC for that extra bit of kick we all love.


Simply apply the sauce to your favorite grilled meats just like any regular BBQ sauce. Then, enjoy a delicious meal followed by a long-lasting euphoria that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Can you think of any better way to spend Father’s Day


Help your Dad elevate his grill game and order your batch of Evergreen Organix BBQ Sauce from Essence, West Tropicana today.


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