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We want you to join the GreenRush by becoming one of our GreenRush MVPs today! By doing so, you’ll gain access to members only perks, help promote the GreenRush brand, and most importantly earn money!

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The GreenRush MVP Program

The GreenRush MVP program is a collection of specially selected ambassadors chosen for their enthusiasm and drive. We're seeking passionate individuals who want to grow with our company while promoting awareness of the GreenRush brand. And we only take the best: our current roster comprises some of the most engaging players in the medical marijuana community. Everyone selected to participate in the program becomes an important member of our team. Each MVP is provided with training and promotional material to make sure you’re appropriately prepared for success.

Becoming a GreenRush MVP

The process of becoming one of our specially selected GreenRush MVPs is incredibly easy. A simple sign-up form will provide us with some introductory information about you, including your name, address, and social media details. You’re then able to select your own unique promo code, linking you to everyone you introduce to GreenRush. For every new patient you refer to, you'll receive compensation for the lifetime of that patient.

The requirements are simple: You have to be a US citizen and over 18 years of age. We want to help the movers and shakers of the social media world move in to the cannabis industry and monetize their social media presence - wherever that might be in the US. 

After signing up, we'll review your MVP application to determine your eligibility. After this short process, we’ll send you an email to officially welcome you to the family and to set you up with everything you’ll need as a GreenRush MVP. This will include access to your specially built, members only portal where you can track your statistics and keep a close eye on your earnings.


What you Get

Welcome Pack and GreenRush MVP Kit

Upon becoming a GreenRush MVP, we provide you with an exclusive starter kit to get you off the ground. You’ll get special access to all of the promotional tools you may require, as well as an insider look at the GreenRush brand, our mission and insight into what being a GreenRush MVP actually means.

Training and Promotion

Once you’re settled in, we’ll get you trained. You’ll be contacted by a current MVP who will train you to become the next major influencer in the cannabis industry. This training period will give you plenty of opportunities to leverage the experience of some of the most gifted marketers in the medical marijuana industry, ensuring that you're building only the most effective social media strategies. We’ll also work with you on localized marketing campaigns to get you recruiting from day one. And once you’ve got the tools and knowledge you need, we’ll help get you the audience you need: We’ll assist you in solo promotion or give you the opportunity to join the elite GreenRush Event Team to promote at tradeshows, conferences, festivals and anywhere else you may be able to make an impact.


The final thing we can guarantee is the sweetest thing of all: Cold hard cash. The more patients you introduce to the GreenRush platform, the more you will earn. Bring a bud, get green.

Every time someone uses the code you created during sign up, you’ll get cash. For every new member you bring to GreenRush you’ll get $10.00 their first order, as well as $2.00 every order afterwards, whether they use your code or not. And the best part? There’s absolutely no cap on how much you can earn.

Aside from direct earnings, however, you will also benefit from $20 off your first four medical cannabis deliveries, as well as the opportunity to earn extra GreenRush perks such exclusive invites to cannabis industry events. But money comes first, of course, and at GreenRush, we can guarantee you green.

Become a GreenRush MVP
Are you ready to join the GreenRush and become one our MVPs? Sign up today and get $80 in free weed by using the code TEAM420.

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