Feeling Tired? These Are The Best Cannabis Strains For Sleep

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best cannabis strains for sleep

The best cannabis strains for insomnia are usually indica dominant, referring to landrace strains bred in places like India and Afghanistan. Indica grows into short bushy plants, producing big buds with a musky earthy bouquet and dark color tones. These strains are revered for their potent sedative effects. If you’re not sure which strains will help you drift off, here are some of the best cannabis strains for sleep!



best cannabis strains for sleep

Cannabis strains that are heavily indica-dominant will be the best choice for sleep and relaxation. Smoking indica bud will not only calm your body but will literally make your eyes tired and your mind sedated. Afghani is a landrace strain that has been bred into many popular strains like Sensi Star, and Northern Lights. Afghani is definitely one of the best strains for insomnia, with its sedative pain relieving properties. Most indica phenotypes tend to be resin heavy, making them more desirable for stronger effects. Definitely, a must-have before bed if you’re looking for a potent high that will knock you out.


Afghani is one of the top favorites among cannabis enthusiasts; if you’re needing an amazing night of rest, this is one of the best cannabis strains for sleep!


Hells Angels OG

best cannabis strains for sleep

One of the best marijuana strains for insomnia is Hells Angels OG, also known as Hells OG. This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between OG Kush and Blackberry. Blackberry is a hybrid crossed with Black Domina, a heavy indica with a spicy pepper flavor that will inspire sleepiness and help relieve pain. Hells OG is known to help with pain, ease stress, and treat PTSD. The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes produce a powerful medicine that can put you in a dream state of calm and serenity. This evening time strain will leave you feeling relaxed, euphoric and, happy. You may get some dry mouth so make sure you have a juicy drink nearby when smoking this hard-hitter.


If you can sleep through a full night with minimal interruption, you will be back on track to feeling good again.


Grand Daddy Purple

best cannabis strains for sleep

Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) has to be one of the best cannabis strains for sleep if you have issues with insomnia, or trouble relaxing. Grand Daddy Purple is a popular cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, both indica strains known to produce full body relaxation and pain relieving effects. Certain phenotypes of GDP will have very high amounts of THC, one of the cannabinoids responsible for providing pain relief, and feelings of euphoria.


Cannabis companies are creating strain specific edibles, and many of them use GDP for their medicated treats because it might be the best cannabis strain for sleep, ever! Grand Daddy Purple is the top choice if you appreciate a sweet floral aroma which tastes like grapes and skunky berries. Medical patients also swear that GDP provides relief from nausea, and may choose to take it in the morning if their condition is severe.


Grand Daddy Purple is one of the most delicious indica strains known to the cannabis community and one of the best cannabis strains for sleep.


God’s Gift

best cannabis strains for sleep

God’s Gift is a robust, beautiful indica strain covered in trichomes, the leaves, and the flower are filled with rainbows of crystal sparkles. God’s Gift is becoming well known among cannabis enthusiasts along the west coast, and it is becoming common to see at dispensaries around the country marketed as one of the best cannabis strains for sleep.


GG is a delicious cross between Grand Daddy Purple and one of the original landrace strains, OG Kush. The concentrate form of God’s Gift is very popular among cannabis enthusiasts and patients needing an extra-potent form of this powerful medicine. Kush strains are wildly popular hybrids that have been developed along coastal areas in the United States, most notably, California.


OG Kush has high amounts of myrcene, the terpene responsible for the earthy, musky smell of cannabis. This terpene induces sedative properties that will directly help your quality of sleep. Myrcene is known to suppress cancer cells and its aroma even fights chronic pain. This ocean grown strain has been tested to have high amounts of CBG, which is being used to help alleviate intraocular pressure, the fluid pressure in the eye that causes glaucoma.


God’s Gift is a must have if you are in need of a power-packed marijuana strain that could save your life.



best cannabis strains for sleep

When it comes to the best cannabis strains for sleep, this one cannot be forgotten. Remedy is an extra therapeutic cannabis strain that is a cross between Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic, creating an indica dominant CBD strain that can test up to 15% CBD content. Certain phenotypes and variations of Remedy will contain about 1% THC content, depending on the environment in which the plant was grown. Genetics play a big role in the outcome of the cultivated cannabis, but the way it was grown will affect the smell, shape, and color. Even the trichome production is highly dependant on the growing environment.


Strains that have Skunk genetics are appreciated for their aroma, which combats stress and anxiety. A big reason why you struggle falling asleep at night is due to stress. Cannatonic adds amazing therapeutic medicine to the mix, making Remedy an effective strain to fight pain and inflammation. The high CBD content also helps calm the nervous system.


When you consume cannabis with high amounts of CBD, you may not notice immediate results. Consistent dosage for at least a month will produce long-term healing and pain relief. Embrace a relaxed mind that is clear and focused. Allow your body to breathe deeply as the calm takes over. Once you feel completely relaxed, this is a good time to lay down and let the cannabinoids do their work.


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