Best Cannabis Themed Outfits for This Halloween

by greenrush
Best Cannabis Themed Costumes Halloween 2016

It’s Halloween, and that means one thing: Dress up. And before you go pulling out the face paint, shoving fake fangs in your mouth or wrapping yourself up in toilet paper, let’s allow for some inspiration. We’ll get you trick or treating the right way. You might even say, our ideas are higher. Or you might not. Here's our list of the best cannabis themed outfits for Halloween 2016. Oh, and boo.

Cannabis Themed Outfits For Halloween


Rasta Imposta Spliff

GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
Kicking Halloween off is this sexy number. Just pull it over your head and you’ll be the bud of attention, the envy of your friends. You might even say, one look at you and they’ll go green with envy. Too many puns?
The Rasta Imposta Spliff outfit comes in a handy one size fit all measurement (though a body frame which is long and thin will add to the authenticity). All you’ve got to do is peel it over your head.


Blunt Master Costume

GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
For those who prefer their weed with a little more street cred, consider the Blunt Master Costume. This incredible little number even comes with a little (albeit fake) marijuana-leaf necklace and a handy ‘Blunt Master’ label in case people couldn’t figure it out themselves.

Totally Baked Potato

GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
The perfect costume for the inevitable, ‘What did you come as?’ question. You’re baked, man: The world’s tastiest super hero. If you go to a party where nobody asks you that question though, unfortunately you’re just a man inside an ugly potato.


GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
Towlie is the world’s most famous weed-smoking towel. And everyone loves Towlie.

The best part with this costume is simple: All you need is a towel. Feel free to stick on some red eyes if you’re so inclined, or at least make it blue. Otherwise you run the risk of being that guy with a towel on his face at your Halloween party. Don’t be that guy.

The Cannaboss

GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
Show your success as a ganjapreneur this Halloween with this stylish, slim-cut suit from OppoSuits. Dressed for success, everyone will be wondering, ‘Who’s that guy?’ as they ponder which Fortune 500 company you sit on the board of. And this handy suit also comes with the advantage of being perfectly appropriate for your next wedding.

Weed Mask

GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
Please don’t buy this.

Keep off the Grass Costume

GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
Why not dress up as a pun from the 90s this Halloween?

Weed Man

GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016
Seeing as superheroes are everywhere at the moment, why not jump on the bandwagon? Keep your Superman cape in the cupboard, though, as this year is all about Weed Man; Marvels latest action hero (we may have made that last bit up). You’ll have your friends giggling the night away as you share with them your secret power.

The Zig Zag Guy

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If you’ve already got a beard, all you’ve got to do is make yourself orange. Otherwise you’ll have to stay up all night the day before Halloween growing a beard.
This instant icon of cannabis culture will make you the belle of the ball. Just be sure to take plenty of papers with you; people will be asking you for Zig Zags. All the time.

A Bag of Weed

[caption id="attachment_1740" align="aligncenter" width="293"]GreenRush | Best cannabis themed outfits halloween 2016 Image by Nathan Rupert on Flickr[/caption]

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ideas. Why not just go as a bag of weed? We would, however, recommend filling up the bag with something other than the real deal as it could quickly become the most expensive outfit on our list.

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