The Best Cannabis Vacations You Need To Take In 2018

by greenrush
cannabis vacations

The acceptance of cannabis use is at an all-time high, and that means there are even more places where the most chillaxed smoker can get out of town without altering their daily routine. Why not combine your right to relax with your desire for ‘dro? Cannabis vacations are nothing new, and the budding cannabis tourism industry can help take the strain off your 420 friendly vacation planning. Sites like and can aid in your quest for the dankest high-away-from-home accommodations.


Atlanta, Georgia, United States


cannabis vacationsOne of the newest cannabis friendly vacations, Atlanta decriminalized marijuana in October 2017, making possession of anything under one ounce of flower punishable by a $75 fine. This is good news for people coming to experience the world-class entertainment options and southern charm of the Capital of the South. Some of the balconies at the Hyatt Regency overlook the bustle of Downtown—but make sure you explore other neighborhoods. A trip to the aptly-named High Museum will satisfy art heads, and the 1-2 punch of the World of Coca-Cola (the tasting room at the end is worth the cost of admission alone) and tour of the CNN Center (home of Cartoon Network, the unofficial television channel of potheads) makes for a stoner’s afternoon delight. Potlanta’s adventurous food scene makes the munchies all the more rewarding, too.


Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch in Parshall, Colorado, United States

cannabis vacations

The Cliff House at Aspen Canyon Ranch in Colorado


Ah, Colorado: the Netherlands of the United States. As the first state to introduce recreational legalization in 2012, Colorado leads the pack for stateside cannabis tourism. While there’s plenty to be said for staying inside the Mile High City limits of Denver and catching a Nuggets game alongside some dank nugs, try heading to Aspen Canyon Ranch to bask in the glory that is Camp Bud+Breakfast, an all-inclusive resort catering to cannabis connoisseurs. In the winter, you can go dog sledding and snow tubing (or white water rafting and horseback riding if you visit in the summer). Just be prepared: while the resort is cannabis friendly, you must buy your weed at one of the surrounding dispensaries, which offer guests a discount. Food, beverages, and socially acceptable toking times are included in the price of the stay.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

cannabis vacations

Gallop Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Photo by Emily Flores/Flikr


They don’t call it Tree City just because there’s a lot of foliage. This college town—home to the University of Michigan—hosts the famous marijuana activism festival Hash Bash, held on the first weekend of April since 1972. Medical marijuana is legal with a doctor’s approval, which can take several weeks to get, but making friends with locals doesn’t take nearly as long. Catch an indie flick at the State Theatre, stroll through Nickels Arcade, or get lost in The Arb (a 123-acre fairytale wonderland in every shade of green). A storied relationship with marijuana legalization coupled with lush surroundings (provided you don’t go in the winter… PS: don’t go in the winter) makes this hamlet one of the more surprising cannabis friendly vacation spots. A stay at the centrally located and very groovy Burnt Toast Inn positions you within walking distance of most activities—and puts you very close to Zingerman’s Deli, where you can vanquish your munchies with panache.


HotBox Bud and Breakfast, Run Away Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica

cannabis vacations

Cloud cover… or cloud of cannabis? St. Ann, Jamaica. Via Flickr


The only strictly sunny place on our list of the best 420 friendly vacations, a visit to Jamaica will make a toasty trip for the sun-seeking smoker. Possession of up to two ounces of marijuana will net you a fine around $5 so it’s “no worries, mon” on this Caribbean island. Stay at the HotBox Bud and Breakfast Jamaica on the northern side of the island to immerse yourself in the local ganja culture. Between basking and baking on the private beach, you can book a tour to behold some of Jamaica’s famous sun-grown marijuana fields. Hurricanes Irma and Maria did not leave as lasting of an impact on Jamaica as it did its Caribbean neighbors so make sure you book one of these cannabis vacations in advance due to the increased tourism, 420-based or otherwise.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

cannabis vacations

Multi-layered Amsterdam. Photo by Sonny Abesamis/Flikr


No list of cannabis vacations would be complete without mention of Amsterdam. Although the laws surrounding cannabis consumption in Holland have changed over the years, Amsterdam remains one of the ultimate cannabis vacations for the consummate stoned traveler—and with good reason. Spend time chilling in one of its infamous coffee shops—the only place where you can safely smoke the notoriously potent herb available in the city—and watch as the city unfolds for you. Galleries, shops, and intriguing architecture provide a feast for the eyes while snack stalls and automats (where you can get a sausage without ever having to see someone, good to remember if you get too baked to hold eye contact much less a conversation with wait staff [highly possible]) keep the munchies at bay. Amsterdam accommodations that are both bud and budget-friendly can be difficult to find, but some hostels like The Bulldog have outdoor community spaces conducive to sharing a spliff or seven.