Here Are The Best Dispensaries in San Diego Right Now

by greenrush
greenrush: find the best dispensaries in san diego

We’ve taken the initiative to compile this list of the best dispensaries in San Diego. Whether you’re after great flower, delicious edibles, or the purest concentrates, hit up one of the dispensaries below and you won’t be let down.

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The Best Dispensaries in San Diego

Global Greens

global greens: best dispensaries in san diego

Hours: 10am - 12am Sunday to Thursday.

10am - 2am Friday and Saturday.

ETA: 35 - 75 mins.

Minimum: $50.

The team at Global Greens have a delicious menu. They’re open til midnight every day and offer some of the sweetest flowers in town, as well as a nice selection of edibles and concentrates.

We highly recommend checking out some of their “private reserve” buds, such as the PR Northern Lights and the PR Herojuana Glue. Cherished for its resinous buds and sweet yet spicy aromas, Global Greens’ Northern Lights offers a nice, mellow euphoria, and is great for soothing muscle pain or sleeplessness, as well as depression, anxiety, or stress. The Herojuana Glue is a THC-rich hybrid, also great for insomnia and a variety of other conditions.

If you’re looking for concentrates, we suggest you check out Global Greens’ WIFI OG bubble hash. Light in color and slightly earthy and sweet tasting, it gives off a pleasant body high with only subtle effects on the mind. They also stock a nice variety of Alpine live resins and saps worth trying, but the quality of their flowers is what makes them one of the best dispensaries in San Diego.

Greener Solutions

Greener Solutions: Best dispensaries in san diego

Hours: 10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday.

ETA: 20 - 60 mins.

Minimum: $100.

This trendy collective in Oceanside is the go-to place for killer concentrates. Open til 10pm all throughout the week, they also have a nice selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers, and a variety of edibles.

We definitely recommend any of their Vader extracts, such as the Master Kush or the Paris OG. Master Kush, a cross of two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush area, is known for boasting full-body relaxation without the mind-numbing effects of some other indicas, and the concentrate is no different. The Paris OG is also very calming, and boasts a nice fruity, slightly citrus flavor.

If neither of those tickle your fancy, we suggest you try out one of Greener Solutions’ flower rosins, such as the No Lights or the Tangie Glue, both of which rival any other hydrocarbon extractions in aroma and medicinal efficacy. If you’re looking for a pure sativa high, we suggest either the Cherry AK or Maui Wowi flowers. The Cherry AK can have THC levels as high as 16% and produces a very strong cerebral effect. The Maui, on the other hand, is a little more subtle.

Nacho Average Collective

best dispensaries in San diego: nacho average collective

Hours: 8am - 10:30pm Sunday to Thursday.

8am - 10pm Friday and Saturday.

ETA: 60 mins or less.

Minimum: $45.

Nacho Average is definitely a flower-focused dispensary. Stocking over 25 different strains, they easily qualify as one of the best dispensaries in San Diego. They also open nice and early (8am) for all you early birds.

Some of the strains we recommend you check out at Nacho Average are the private reserve Saturn OG and Girl Scout Cookies, as well as their Super Glue. The Saturn OG has very prominent earthy citrus and diesel flavors, and boasts very balanced, calm cerebral effects. It definitely produces very strong euphoria at first, which later gives way to complete relaxation. This is definitely a good choice for people suffering from stress.

The Girl Scout Cookies is very euphoric, but also very cerebral, and boasts a delicious sweet and earthy aroma. The Super Glue, on the other hand, is mellow enough to leave you productive and active. It has a beautifully sweet pine aroma, and is great for medicating during the day when you’re looking to soothe anxiety or stress but don’t want to end up tied to the couch.

Nach Average also stock a few edibles, including Cheeba Chews, Varavo Chocolate, and Zasp Drinks, and a nice OG #18 shatter.

Diego Kush

best dispensaries in san diego: diego kush

Hours: 12pm - 9pm Monday to Sunday.

ETA: Varied.

Minimum: $45.

Diego Kush is a new dispensary in San Diego and carries a nice array of indica and sativa flowers, a variety of concentrates, and a few edibles. All their flowers are lab tested by SC Labs.

The Danny Tanner OG Kush is arguably the best on the West Coast, and is easily what lands Diego Kush on this list of the best dispensaries in San Diego. It’s 100% organic and packs a huge 23% THC, and pretty much annihilates stress with a huge, fast onset of euphoria. While Dieho Kush’s version of this California classic has a very unique aroma, it stills carries with it strong notes of earthy pine, lemon, and subtle woody undertones that OG KUsh is so well known for.

If you’re looking something with an even stronger THC hit, we recommend you check out Diego Kush’s Banana OG. A pure indica, this strain packs over 26% THC and lends itself super useful for pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety. It is very sedative, and offers full-body relaxation in the purest sense of the word. If that won’t do it for you, check out the Trainwreck Taffy concentrate, boasting 71% THC and 019% CBD.

Fast Grass

best dispensaries in san diego: fast grass

Hours: 10am - 9pm Sunday to Thursday 

             10am - 10pm Friday and Saturday.

ETA: 30 - 60 mins.

Minimum: $50.

Fast Grass is another of our favorite dispensaries in San Diego. They offer a neat variety of edibles and some of the most competitively-prices ounces in San Diego. Fast Grass also accepts credit and debit card payments.

If you’re after flowers, we strongly recommend you make the most of Fast Grass’ ounce specials; they have high-quality Agent Orange and 8:50 hybrids available for just $115, and superb Critical 47, Millionaire Kush, and Purple Widow for just $150. If you want to step it up a notch, their Northern Lights is available for $250. Beware that some of their strains contain seeds.

If you’re not tempted by Fast Grass’ flowers, we suggest you hit them up for all your edible needs. They stock everything from CBD-rich Endoca hemp oil drops to brownies and Kiva chocolate bars. The Endoca drops are great for anyone looking to medicate without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC, while the Blackout Brownie is great for those looking for an epic 1000mg dose. If that sounds a bit too heavy, check out the peanut butter brownies as they ofer smaller doses.

Ocean Grown Organics

best dispensaries in san diego: ocean grown organics

Hours: 6am - 12am Monday to Sunday.

ETA: 60 mins.

Minimum: $50.

Last but definitely not least on our list of the best dispensaries in San Diego is Ocean Grown Organics. These guys have put together a really diverse menu of edibles, concentrates, and a nice little selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers. They also offer awesome deals as part of the their DOGO program, giving away 1/8s of selected flowers and extracts with every $50 donation.

Ocean Grown Organics currently have a variety of strains available through their DOGO program, such as Sour Diesel and OG Wreck. Sour Diesel is an invigorating, fast-acting strain, known for providing effective relief from stress, pain, and depression. It is noted for being very energizing and producing dreamy cerebral effects. OG Wreck is a very potent sativa-dominant hybrid, which also boast strong cerebral effects. It is often used to treat nausea, loss of appetite, headaches, and stress.

Ocean Grown also offer DOGO specials on King’s Kush and Sunset Sherbet Enki Extracts, both of which are super popular for treating a variety of conditions.

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