5 Easter Edibles You Won’t Be Able To Resist This Long Weekend

by greenrush
easter edibles

It’s no joke that Easter Sunday happens to fall on April Fool’s Day this year, but don’t play a cruel trick on yourself by not being prepared. Create your own grown-up candy basket with Easter edibles from greenRush. Whether you’ll be spending the long weekend lounging on the couch or venturing out into the wilds of a church service with your family (followed by a ham-heavy luncheon), we’ve got just the right treats to get you hippity-hopping to your happy place.


Chocolate Easter Edibles


It wouldn’t really be Easter without some chocolates from the Easter Bunny, and cannabis edibles are a great way to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your weed tooth, too. Although these edibles for Easter don’t come in any iconic rabbit or egg shapes, they’ll still send you hoppin’ down the bunny trail with a blissful smile on your face.


Chocolate Cannabis Truffles by Stokes

easter edibles

Photo by Stokes


Designed for medical patients in mind, these chocolate marijuana edibles from Stokes come in a variety of flavor combinations. The classic Easter combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter might be your best bet for the holiday. At five bucks a pop, you can snag a few to fill up your Easter basket this year.


Kiva Terra Bites Milk Chocolate Blueberries

easter edibles

Photo by Kiva


These tiny, tasty Easter edibles will have you noshing all weekend long. Kiva Terra Bites use U.S.-grown blueberries for these little treats. The tart-yet-sweet THC delivery method of medicated chocolate will help your weekend pass in a blueberry bliss.


Buy Yourself a Drink


Easter edibles could be better categorized as Easter comestibles: long weekends are made for drinking as well as eating, too! Whether you’re trying to keep it lowkey or want to flaunt your medication of choice, enjoying a beverage can be made all the better with the introduction of a little THC into the mix.


Keef Cola Blue Razz

easter edibles

Photo by Keef Cola


The bright blue hue of Keef Cola’s Blue Razz medicated beverage lets the world know that you are here to have a good time this Easter. This drink will be a welcome addition to any activities that require familial interaction because it’s brewed with Blue Dream, one of the finest hybrid strains that strikes a balance between body high and cerebral stimulation.


Absolute Xtracts Honey Straw

easter edibles

Photo by Absolute Xtracts


The Honey Straws from Absolute Xtracts toe the perfect line between weed drinkables and weed edibles. Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Should you just slurp it straight from the straw? If you’re out with Grandma for Easter afternoon tea, squirt some of this delightfully medicated honey into your hot beverage for discreet enjoyment.


The Sweetest Thing


Part of enjoying Easter edibles come from the nostalgia factor. Going full-on sweet treat with your approach to the long weekend can yield some yummy snacks… just make sure they’re out of the reach of any young ‘uns hunting for Easter eggs.


Remedy+ OG Peach Rings

easter edibles

Photo by Remedy+


Just when you thought Peach Rings couldn’t get any better, Remedy+ put some dang THC into them! Be careful not to overindulge if you opt for this Easter edible. Maybe pick up a bag of old school peach rings to keep your snacky side satisfied wouldn’t be the worst idea… otherwise, you might need to be resurrected off the couch if you eat too many.


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