These Are The Best Holiday Movies To Watch Stoned

‘Tis the season… to get high and watch holiday movies on the couch! It can be argued that most movies improve under the influence of marijuana (especially a brain-tingling, sativa-heavy hybrid that will keep you giggling while mildly couchlocked), but there’s something special about enjoying a wholesome film with your family while stoned to the bone. Your family’s annual recitation of movies filled with festive cheer will be made all the better with a little bud—they just don’t necessarily need to know why you can’t stop laughing. Here is our holiday gift to you: a list of the best holiday movies to watch stoned.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

best holiday movies to watch stoned

Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a spooky love story? Is it a Christmas movie? The answer to all of these questions is “yes,” making Tim Burton’s 1993 claymation classic The Nightmare Before Christmas one of the best movies to watch stoned any day of the year. From the macabre throwback animation style to Danny Elfman’s pitch-perfect soundtrack, this short-but-sweet (and, quite frankly, kind of scary) tale will further enhance your holiday buzz.

Die Hard

best holiday movies to watch stoned

One could argue that Die Hard is not explicitly a holiday movie, but one would be wrong. Twist up a tight one and plop down on the couch to hear the classic story of how John McClane saved Christmas… with a Beretta. Controversial as its inclusion amongst the best holiday movies to watch stoned may be, the fact remains that many families watch Die Hard every year. Is it simply because it’s on television? Or because this holiday thriller breaks up the stringent feel-good monotony of typical Christmas movies? Either way: you win because you just watched Die Hard while stoned. Nice!

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

best holiday movies to watch stoned

The second entry in the original Star Wars series doesn’t have a single jingle bell in it, but it’s always on cable on Christmas Day. Besides, the ice planet Hoth fulfills everyone’s increasingly unlikely holiday wish of a having white Christmas (thanks, climate change!). The Empire Strikes Back embodies the hopefulness and renewal of the Christmas season, and besides, it’s one of the best movies to see while high any time of the year. Embrace the unorthodox and use the force to pass the pipe.

A Christmas Story

best holiday movies to watch stoned

Speaking of movies always on television on Christmas Day, A Christmas Story holds court for 24 full hours on TBS every year. Toke too much and take a weed nap? No worries: Ralphie and his eternal quest for a Red Ryder carbine action 200-shot range model air rifle will be right there waiting for you when you wake up! Infinitely quotable, deliriously absurd, and downright heartwarming, A Christmas Story is certainly one of the best holiday movies to watch stoned.

Home Alone

best holiday movies to watch stoned

If slapstick is your thing, this absolute gem of a Christmas movie will be your favorite holiday tradition. Few and far between are the millennials who don’t have at least a handful of dialogue eternally engrained in their memories. Home Alone will strike a particular chord the first time you watch it away from your childhood home, too. Fantasy blurs into reality, and that’s precisely what good movies to watch high do. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

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