Not Sure What The Best Way To Use Weed Is For You? We're Here To Help

by greenrush

Walking into a dispensary if you don’t know much about using marijuana can seriously feel as if everybody is speaking Klingon. Once upon a time you just threw some reefer into a paper, rolled it up and there you had it. These days, there’s a mountain of different ways to ingest weed, different products and different kinds of smoking paraphernalia. What’s a newbie to do? Luckily, we can help. With a myriad of different marijuana products out there, it can be hard to know - what’s the best way to use weed for you?


Smoking Weed

best way to use weed

Arguably the most popular way to use weed is to smoke it. Many recreational users don’t mind getting down with a blunt or bong, but it probably isn’t the first choice of many medical marijuana patients. In general, smoking weed is the easiest and fastest way to get high. The effects are felt almost immediately - which makes it ideal for first-time users because you can gauge the dosage (as opposed to edibles).


Whether you’re smoking a joint, bong or pipe, the only ingredient you need is bud. This also means you get the biggest selection at dispensaries - the most abundant product is usually deliciously fragrant flowers.



best way to use weed

If you’re a beginner when it comes to cannabis, we’d recommend avoiding dabbing, at least for now. Concentrates are how marijuana enthusiasts have taken smoking to the next level. Cannabis concentrates usually come in the form of oils or what is sometimes called shatter. It can look like amber colored glass or honey.


To use these products, you need to have something called a dabbing rig. It looks a lot like a bong, but nothing is burned in the bowl. It is heated and the oil melted inside, creating a vapor that can be inhaled. Be very careful - this stuff gets you really high, really fast. Oils and shatters can reach up to 85% THC concentration, meaning a little bit goes a long way.


Concentrates have become very popular among weed lovers due to their potency. But the device required to use them is quite fancy, and there are definitely more gentle ways to step into the world of cannabis.



best way to use weed

Not everybody wants to smoke weed. Some people want to eat it! When thinking about the best way to use weed, edibles can definitely be appealing if you’re not a fan of the old smoking technique. For beginners, the danger with edibles is that once you eat it, it’s in. It can be hard to judge the dosage with edibles if you’ve never had them before, and they can take a long time to take effect. The best thing you can do is ask the advice of your budtender. They should be able to give you some solid advice on the potency of the edibles you’re considering and some guidance on how to ingest them.


Some cannabis users experience a longer lasting and more psychedelic high when using edibles versus smoking. For some people the best way to use weed can depend on how high you want to get. Edibles definitely seem to have a much longer kick than smoking a joint. Plus, you don’t risk any damage to your lungs by inhaling carcinogens.


Some edibles are also available that contain a higher CBD content than THC, making them appropriate for those taking marijuana medically who don’t want to get high. While THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis, CBD offers a medicinal effect without the high.


Oils and tinctures


Oils and tinctures are probably the best ways to use weed without smoking it. Especially if health is your main focus. While edibles aren’t particularly dangerous to consume, they usually come in the form of sugary treats. Oils and tinctures are cannabis concentrates that can be taken right under the tongue, with extremely fast and potent effects.


CBD oil is an increasingly popular medicinal marijuana product these days. That’s because it’s quick, it works and it doesn’t get you high. These qualities make it extremely accessible to a wide range of patients, both young and old alike.


Just as with any other cannabis product, the strength and effect vary. It’s good to talk to your budtender about the best way to use weed for your needs and the tinctures and oils available for the outcome you are looking for.



best way to use weed

Topicals used to be a very popular product once upon a time in the USA (long before prohibition). It’s taken a while for them to reappear in the cannabis market but they are definitely gaining in popularity. As the name suggests, these particular cannabis products are applied topically rather than smoked or ingested.


The cannabinoids found in marijuana are extremely effective at treating sore muscles and bruises, even when simply applied to the affected region. They’re a great solution for those who only have a local problem to handle, such as a sprained ankle. And they’re especially appropriate for those who are not really looking to get high or ingest marijuana at all.


The variety of products out there really does make marijuana one of the most versatile plants on our planet. Regardless of your age or if you’re using cannabis medically or recreationally, you can rest assured you’re bound to find something out there that suits your needs and with a little experimentation you'll find the best way to use weed for you!


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