The Best Weed Strains For Daytime Use

by greenrush
Best Weed for Daytime Use | Purple Trainwreck

When the world thinks of weed, a large part of it thinks of lethargy. We think of a pyjama-clad, pizza-wielding stoners kicking back to episodes of South Park. What many people fail to realize, however, is that weed is not just an effective medicine for bringing you down. If you medicate right, studies show that you can gain focus, increase concentration and benefit from a well-needed boost in creativity to get you through the day-to-day. All you need to do is to pick the right strains. Well, to help you out, we've gone and done just that: Here are your best cannabis strains for daytime use.

Lemon Haze

First on our list is the iconic Lemon Haze. This internationally renowned strain is a true heavyweight amongst herb and is enjoyed the world over for its ability to increase productivity and give users a subtle boost in creativity. The effect, which has been recorded to linger for several hours, also results in an increase in motivation; it makes you literally get up and go. And while this might make it one to avoid for those who have a predisposition to being tightly-wound, its unique, lively effects make it the perfect introduction to our list of the best weed to smoke during the day.

Best Weed for Daytime Use | Lemon Haze

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is famous. Not only have you most likely smoked it before, but it's become one of the first true icons of cannabis culture, with stories of its association with the Grateful Dead one of weed's greatest folk tales. In fact, if there were an official Herb Hall of Fame, Sour Diesel would probably to get a trophy with its name on it. A green trophy. Made from hemp.

Sour Diesel's reputation is a product of its perfection: The effect it induces is one of concentration, calmness and an unparalleled drive to get stuff done. You'll happily work away for hours on things you would otherwise avoid; such as cleaning every square inch of your home, as weed critic Jake Browne noted. And it's this sativa-centric effect that makes it a wise choice for some mid-day dabbing: It can give you a creative boost, calm any feelings of anxiety or depression and leave you with zero couch lock – the perfect recipe for a better day.

Best Weed for Daytime Use | Sour Diesel

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie, as the name suggests, is a tropical sativa straight out of the good life. Starting out as a Hawaiian herb, home-grown in the island's fertile volcanic soil, this uplifting and flavorful strain has made its way across the world.

Its effect is famous for being uplifting, mildly euphoric and for leaving a lasting sense of happiness. Combine that with Maui Wowie's lack of lethargy and you've got the perfect mid-day strain, capable of treating both stress and depression and as a helpful hand when needing to complete anything creative.

And hailing from the Hawaiian islands, it should come as no surprise that its taste is as satisfying as its effect. You'll be left with a lingering taste of pineapple while you get out there and get things done.

Best Weed for Daytime Use | Maui Wowie

Agent Orange

Agent Orange has long been the go-to choice for those needing a little midday pick me up. Its reputation is one of energy, motivation and good moods. A hybrid of Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet, Agent Orange is a soft sativa that can treat both depression and stress, while helping you to relax under pressure yet remain wildly creative.

Of course, as with any strain, taking too much will result in a lull: You'll most likely slip into an overly-relaxed state of mind that won't be much help to you during the daytime. If you keep your medicating under control, though, Agent Orange's high sativa content will put you in the best place during the worst part of your day.

Best Weed for Daytime Use | Sour Diesel

Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck is a hell of a midday strain, especially for people suffering with anxiety or depression. It's high THC content (18%), though, can result in users becoming a touch sleepy, especially if consumed in too high doses. The strain does remain sativa dominant, however, so if you medicate right, Purple Trainwreck will pick you up, calm you down and put you in the right frame of mind to get your day done - the right way.

Best Weed for Daytime Use | Purple Trainwreck


And there you have it. You now know what to reach for when you're looking for some mid-day medical marijuana. And in case you were not already aware, all of the above strains are available through the GreenRush platform. Just log on, order from your favorite dispensary and have your weed delivered and hour or less. Don't have a medical marijuana card yet? We've got your back there, too. GreenRush can get you an official California medical marijuana card in 60 minutes.

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