High-Tech: The Best Weed Gadgets For Cannabis Users

by greenrush
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As cannabis becomes more mainstream, the number of awesome weed gadgets for users to try will continue to increase. And while some may cost a pretty penny, with these, you get what you pay for. Ranging from pipes to pens, and lighter cases to phone cases, here is a selection of the best weed gadgets out there!

High-Tech: The Top Ten Weed Gadgets

The Adventurer Water Pipe

First on our list is the Adventurer Water Pipe, the perfect gadget for consuming your weed while, well, on an adventure. It’s durable, bendable and will not break – unlike old school glass ones. What’s more, the water pipe for all occasions, is BPA free, and comes with a lifetime warranty. You might have to replace the stem or the bowl from time to time, but you’ll never need another water pipe. That’s a Strong Silicone guarantee.

Cost: $89

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LighterBro Pro

Next up is one of the best weed gadgets available to get you out of any sticky situation. The LighterBro Pro is a stainless steel lighter case that attaches itself to your Bic and becomes one hell of a useful pocket tool. Equipped with 13 tools, ranging from scissors, a screw driver a file and a saw, it is perfect for fishing, hiking or snowboarding trips. You’re just never going to want to lend someone your lighter again. This LighterBro is for the pros bro!

Cost: $19.95

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Vaporbrothers Eleven Pen

This new vape pen from Vaporbrothers is a must buy for any cannabis user who like to vapes their weed. Perfect for waxy oils and herbal extracts, the pen is delivered fully charged and vape-ready, meaning you can get to work right away. The build quality is great, coming with a small air hole close to the tip to improve air flow during use and a mini USB charge port to keep your battery full.

Cost: $59.99

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This one is for smokers who like to keep their smoke to themselves. And while it might not look very discreet, it’s not designed to be whipped out on the subway. The Smokebuddy is perfect for cannabis smokers who don’t want to kick up a stink while they smoke their weed, as well as preventing others from having to inhale any second hand smoke. All you’ve got to do is exhale straight into the Smokebuddy and nobody will know what you’re doing – at least for the first three hundred uses.  And if that wasn’t handy enough, the Smokebuddy is even available in a glow in the dark model, making it the perfect addition to bring along on any camping trip.

Price $19.95 ($24.95 for the glow in the dark model)

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MagicalButter Machine

The MagicalButter Machine is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor. If you want to make cannabutter at home, all you’ve got to do is throw in your butter, throw in your botanicals and wait. The MagicalButter Machine does the rest, extracting all of the good stuff out of your cannabis and infusing it with tasty butter. And even though the machine may come in a little steep, costing a hefty $175, if you’re a fan of making your own edibles, you’ll save hours every month with the MagicalButter Machine.

Cost: $175

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iHit Phone Case

The iHit Phone Case might be the most genius way to carry around your cannabis. Coming in the shape of a normal, run-of-the-mill smartphone case for most iPhones, the iHit allows you to remove the back compartment and fill it with up to five pre-rolled joints or everything you’ll need to roll on the go. Hell, you could even stash your cash in there and leave the purse at home. And guaranteeing 100% odorless storage, the iHit is subtle, as well as safe.

Cost: between $19.99 - $29.99 (depending on the model)



The budbomb has been around for a while already, yet it consistently makes its way onto lists concerning the best weed gadgets. Whether that’s due to its reasonable price, it’s superior quality or some spot-on marketing, we’ll let you be the judge. What is certain, though, is that the budbomb is a powerful pipe, designed to be smoked like you would a joint or a pre-roll and delivering clean, mighty hits like a bong. A precision-made helix running the length of the device keeps the smoke cool by the time it hits your lips, and its easy-to-clean design keeps those hits coming.

Cost: $49.99

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The SmoCAN is the only accessory the urban cannabis user will ever need. Its 5” tube contains everything you need to smoke on the go, including a grinder, a space for your lighter, tobacco, and accessories, as well as a ceramic cigarette pipe bat and a poker cleaning tool. Being fashioned from 100% aluminium means the tube is almost indestructible, air tight and 100% water proof. Your cannabis has never been safer.

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PUFFiT Vaporizer

The PUFFiT vaporizer is one of the best weed gadgets not only because of its compact, portable size, but because it makes you look like you have asthma – the coolest of all the respiratory problems. But seriously, the PUFFiT is a pocket-sized vaporizer that comes in the shape of an asthma pump. It’s the ultimate in subtlety, a vaporizer that you can smoke anywhere, at any time and in front of anyone. After all, who’s going to question a wheezing asthmatic, no matter how red your eyes get? And while the PUFFiT has a reputation for being a little ‘finicky and frustrating’ at times, with one of those in your pocket, you are literally free to vape anywhere.

Cost: $119

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Ionix T101

The IONIX T101 from Grav Labs is a semi-portable vaporizer that’s suitable for table-top vaping or for just dumping in your backpack -  it’s the ultimate compromise between a portable vape pen and a more potent desktop vape. The reason why we consider the IONIX one of the best weed gadgets is simple: While an oil rig can take a few minutes to get going, the IONIX requires no torch or messy tools and is ready in seconds. What’s more, its superior battery-build means that you get hours of operation from a single charge, and coming fully equipped with a 12-pack of replacement coils, a micro-USB cable and a wall charger, you're good to go the second it arrives.

Cost: $129

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