Blue Dream - A True Cannabis Legend

by greenrush
blue dream strain review

Every once in awhile, life hands you an opportunity to meet an authentic legend. A pioneer that paved the way for imitators and admirers alike. But we’re not talking about Bob Dylan, here; oh no, we’re talking about a superstar of the cannabis world. Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid from California, is a strain that has long been held in high regard within the San Francisco cannabis community. But what makes it so special? Allow us to shed some light...

Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream’s legendary status in West-California is all thanks to its unique balance between relaxation and euphoria. And, while there are plenty of strains out there which offer a similar combo, none of them go about it quite like Blue Dream. It’s the way it does it that sets it apart from the competition.

Its ability to balance full-body relaxation with a subtle cerebral workout is the key here. Users are rocked inch-by-blissful-inch into a calm and cozy sense of euphoria. There’s not a cannabis strain in town this gentle; lifting you smoothly into an elevated state of mind. Which is not to say the high is lacklustre - just the journey is. Once Blue Dream hits the spot, it sends the mind into a psychoactive wonderland bursting with creativity.

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But, crucially, it never goes too far. Believe it or not, most smokers just want to enjoy a sweet high without being comatosed. Though people are always interested to know which strains are the strongest, they’re less inclined to actually order these, preferring instead to go for a strain that takes it a little easier. Blue Dream is the ideal example of a cannabis strain designed to ensure a pleasurable smoking experience, and nothing else.

The Genes

In terms of genetic makeup, Blue Dream crosses indicia Blueberry with sativa Haze, resulting in a sativa-heavy hybrid. The scent is powerfully redolent of its Blueberry bloodline, pungent with a strong whiff of sweet fruit. Delve slightly deeper though, and you can expect to enjoy a slightly woodier tone. This spicy yet sweet combination is bursting with character, and guarantees to lure you back for a second taste.

While the blueberry juices dance across your palate, your brain will be slowly simmering. And, given Blue Dream’s creative, focused, effects, we recommend lining up a task to put your mind to during the buzz phase. Something methodical, requiring patience and lateral thinking is ideal, and guarantees to make the most of what can be a strangely productive spell. Puzzle or computer games reach almost addictive levels of enjoyment when played in combination with Blue Dream.

Blue Dream

To summarise, we’re not even sure we can do this strain justice. We’re also not sure what we hoped to accomplish here - this was a fool’s errand. Blue Dream is simply a marvel: a hybrid which guarantees an intense, warm buzz, yet never strays too close to the limits of what you can comfortably take. A gentle, cosy, caring high that can be enjoyed whether you’re baking a birthday cake or simply watching 15 episodes of Storage Wars back to back. It has to be tasted to be believed. We can’t remember the last time we heard Bob Dylan get that kind of press...

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