Body Cam Footage Shows Cop Giving Weed Back To Man Who Dropped It

by greenrush
body cam footage

Here's something you don't see every day. How often do you hear about positive cop-cannabis interactions? Well, one cop in Seattle has surprised us all. World Star Hip Hop just uploaded body cam footage of a man trying to conceal a baggie of weed that he dropped from an onlooking policeman. What did the cop do? He picked up the bag and gave it back to the man.


The video cuts in on a man holding a shoe and smoking a cigarette. No, we're not sure why he's holding a shoe but just go with it.


The officer starts to question the man, who (understandably so) looks a bit nervous. He asks "you doing alright?" to which the man responds "I'm selling this shoe." The plot thickens.


The officer then proceeds to ask him if he's dropped something which, of course, the man denies.


Undeterred, the officer asks the man to step back, reaches down and picks up a dime bag of weed underneath a black grocery bag.


Now, here's where things could have taken a turn for the worst. Some might have assumed it wasn't the shoe the man was selling but perhaps the fallen bag of pot.


Luckily, the cop handed the bag back to the man and said, "ah that's just marijuana, put that away."


He then goes on to remind the man with the shoe, "just remember you're not supposed to display it or smoke in public."


The man agrees and the cop goes on his way.


We would call that a lucky break. Body cam footage is a good way of monitoring police interactions with the general public. Whilst weed is legal in Washington, you don't want to be waving it around in front of cops. This man is probably better off keeping his 'shoe' for himself.


You can watch the full video here:


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