How To Make Sure You're Buying Good Quality Weed

by greenrush

So you’ve been shopping for some dope. It looks like weed, it smells alright and they told you it was the best weed you’d be able to find. Then you go home, load up your bong and - what the hell? You had to smoke three hits just to get high. That’s one of the saddest moments in the life story of a marijuana user - and it happens all the time. If you don’t know how to source good quality weed, you can end up wasting a lot of time and money.


The way out is to know all the tips and tricks about finding good weed before you step out to go shopping. If you have a little patience, you can make sure that every time you buy a bag, it’s a good one. Follow our advice and you can be certain that you’re buying good quality weed every time.


Inspect before you buy

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Inspecting bud is a very sensory experience, and if you haven’t engaged at least three out of your five senses, you’re not inspecting close enough! At the end of the day, someone can tell you that you’re looking at the best Californian bud, but if you don’t know the telltale signs of high vs low-quality weed, you could be getting completely fooled.


Look at your buds. Count the hairs on it meticulously. Orange hairs are a good sign that it’s going to be strong. Is it covered in resin? Is it the kind of green that makes your heart melt? That’s the kind of bud you’re looking for.


Smell them. If buds have passed their shelf life, the smell usually tends to leave them. They should smell fresh and should be pounding your nose with that characteristic smell of marijuana. If it’s making your mouth water, that’s the bud you’re smelling for.


Touch. Don’t be afraid to handle your buds. Not all dispensaries will let you do this, but ask if you can have a feel around. They shouldn’t be too wet or too dry. And they should feel very sticky-icky on your fingers.


And if you can, taste them! No - I don’t mean chewing them. That won’t get you anywhere. But if you have a friend who likes to keep a whole bunch of different strains on hand, ask if you can try. Then when you know which you like, you can go shopping for some good quality weed.


Do some online research

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The internet is a great tool these days and people aren’t afraid to tell the truth online. If there is a dispensary near you, don’t be afraid to have a browse online to see what people say about them. Check out the strains that tweak your interest and read strain reviews to find good quality weed. You can find out everything about a strain, from its DNA lineage to its THC:CBD ratio.


Do some research on prices as well. greenRush allows you to browse dispensaries near you, find deals in your area and order online for delivery or pick up. Familiarizing yourself with what’s out there before you buy is a great way to make sure you don’t feel pressured into buying something you’re not 100% sold on.


Ask questions shamelessly


When you finally find yourself in a dispensary looking for some good quality cannabis, the budtender is one of your most important resources. The thing is, they aren’t just knowledgeable about strains and the effects of those strains. They also have a lot of inside information about where the bud came from, what went into growing it and how it stacks up against other products.


Was it grown locally? Was it grown with contaminants such as pesticides? What is the THC content? You can ask questions shamelessly, depending on how meticulous you want to be about what you’re going to smoke. If you’re straight up with the budtender, they’ll hopefully be straight up with you so that you can make an informed decision about what you’re buying.


If there is any lack of transparency, don’t be afraid to walk right out of there. If they look like they’re lying about something, they probably are. And the number one lie you’re most likely to hear is “this is the best weed in California!” Everyone has different tastes, so what works for you might not necessarily work for someone else and vice versa. Future technology is currently being developed in order to implement a tracking system on marijuana so that consumers will be able to find the origin of their buds and any other marijuana byproducts. For now, finding a budtender you trust is the way to go when looking for good quality weed.


Ask your stoner friends


Don’t feel nervous to ask some of your stoner friends where they get their good quality weed from. Cannabis users are friendly people who won’t look down on you for having no idea what’s what when it comes to marijuana. Tell them you’re looking for the best of the best - if they’re in touch with what’s happening locally, they should be able to point you in the right direction.


And finally, don’t get too upset by the disappointment of an average bag of weed. It happens to the best of us. It helps you stay on top of which dispensaries to avoid and which strains just aren’t for you!


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