Where and What Weed to Get For California Roots Festival This Year

by greenrush
California Roots

California Roots: the festival that the producers themselves have coined “the epitome of quintessential California dreaming.” This music festival defines the traditional music festival in California and is one of the biggest parties in the state. California Roots considers itself to be part of the consciousness shift that started in the late 60’s in California and thus continues its legacy well into the modern era.

The beautiful thing about 2018 is that California finally gets to celebrate this festival in the style that it has always wanted to. We’re talking about the legal style. The freedom to choose what you put into your own body encompasses the value of California Roots festival; a movement which encourages an open way of living and reggae music. And finally - this is the year, where everyone can consume recreational cannabis they bought legally. So, let’s talk about where to get your weed and which products you’re going to love.

A little about California Roots Festival

California Roots

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California Roots Festival started in 2010, bringing in only 1400 people the first time around. Since then, it has progressively become larger and larger, and now the event location can host 11,000 people. In 2013 and 2014, the festival sold out all available tickets. It quickly became California’s biggest reggae party and a must-attend event.

At California Roots, it’s all about happiness. And not the cheesy kind that you see in soap operas. But the real kind, where you’re smiling purely because of the love of great reggae music and the ability to dance with 10,000 other strangers. The producers of this festival really believe that anything can start in your backyard, and that’s why this party grew to the size it did in such a short time.

To the makers and attendees alike, music is integral to living life to the fullest. That’s why this festival attracts some of the best feel-good musicians from around the USA and the rest of the world. The California Roots line-up has included Medicine for the People, Matishayu, Ziggy Marley, The Expendables and Tribal Seeds - and that’s just to name a handful of them!

The party starts on May 25 and runs until May 27. This year’s event is being held at the Monterey Fairgrounds. There will be more than just reggae, too. It will include live art installations, hip-hop acts and even folk and rock music.

You’ll always get your “dose” at this festival, even if you spend the weekend completely sober. And that’s kind of the principle on which this festival operates: the real key to happiness is music and dancing. But of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your experience with the happiest herb known to man. And doing so would fit you right into the culture of this festival.

Score your herb from Compassionate Bay Delivery

California Roots

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You don’t need to run all around the Monterey area searching for good weed. We already took the liberty of doing that for you. Get your order from Compassionate Bay Delivery who delivers to your location.

Compassionate Bay Delivery is open from 10 am to 7 pm Sunday to Wednesday and 10 am to 9 pm, Thursday to Saturday. The team are part of the local community and reside in the Monterey Bay area and Central Coast and thus can cater to your weed delivery needs while at the California Roots festival. With a high focus on cultivating organically as well as making it accessible for medical marijuana patients, your order is in the best of hands. Allow yourself to enjoy the pure ‘roots’ of weed from a source which is locally grown, pesticide-free and without additives.

If you can’t be bothered rolling up in the middle of a huge dancefloor, then try out some of Compassionate Bay’s pre-rolled products. The Sno-Cone Super Potent Spliff is definitely the kind of thing you want to be blazing up at California Roots. It’s kind of like a moon rock - but conveniently rolled up in a paper. It’s made up of the finest quality flower, coated in CO2 extracted cannabis and rolled up in kief. Delicious.

For those who prefer eating their weed, we definitely recommend the #STAYLIFTED Sativa Brownie. With a whopping 324 mg of THC in it, it’s the perfect amount for sharing amongst friends.

And lastly, our strain recommendations for this festival are Fire OG or Super Silver Haze to make you feel happy and ready to dance!

This year, California Roots should be the biggest one yet. This festival is the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy and get your body moving. And as always, don’t forget to supply yourself with top quality buds from the local weed delivery service - Compassionate Bay Delivery! For more details on the California Roots festival, head to their website to get the full scoop on the line-up, tickets, and info.

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