Canada Has a Marijuana Advent Calendar and We’re Officially Jealous

by greenrush
marijuana advent calendar

The countdown to Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to mark off the days of December than with a tasty advent calendar? Usually, these fun calendars are filled with chocolate but what if we told you in Canada, you can get a marijuana advent calendar?


That’s right, an unlicensed dispensary in Vancouver is struggling to keep up with sales after taking advantage of what it terms a “legal grey area” by selling a Christmas advent calendar full of medicinal cannabis and marijuana edibles.


To date, Coast to Coast Medicinals claims it has sold over 125 of the marijuana advent calendars for around $200 each. While it may seem like a steep price, considering the number of products you’ll get inside the calendar, it’s a pretty good deal. The calendars can be customized with products that can be smoked or eaten. You can even stick with tradition and go for weed-infused chocolate if that’s your thing.


The calendars themselves are currently only available for shipping within Canada. Police say such shipments aren’t uncommon and are not illegal provided they have the proper licensing.


The emergence of non-traditional advent calendars is not unusual. The advent calendar market has seen the emergence of beauty product calendars to advent calendars specifically for dogs. For the boozy, there are even dedicated whiskey advent calendars! It seems a marijuana advent calendar isn’t too far of a stretch.


For the time being, these calendars are only available in Canada but don’t worry. Judging by their success, there’s bound to be a movement to get them here in the U.S. in time for next year!


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