Canna-Chapstick: The Happiest, Healthiest Way To Heal your Lips

by greenrush
Sleep-inducing cannabinoids

Cannabis is some serious medicine. We know it, you know it, and the rest of the world is just coming round to it. It can calm seizures, soothe arthritis and assist people struggling with dietary problems. It fights pain, aids depression and can make anxiety a thing of the past. So a pretty useful plant all round, then.

Did you know, though, that cannabis can actually treat the skin as effectively as it can internal conditions? Tests have shown that when cannabis extract is applied to affected areas, the skin becomes healthier, happier and less prone to acne. And in order to ensure the health of our patients’ skin, we’ve got just the medicine: Canna-chapstick. It’s the healthiest, happiest way to heal your lips.

Canna-Chapstick: The Happiest, Healthiest Way To Heal your Lips

The cannabis-infused lip balm that we reviewed for this article is just one of many on the market. And while each lip balm is slightly different, due to the process that is required to make a soft, maleable lipe balm, most share some common ingredients: hemp oil, cannabis-infused coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils for flavor. In the case of Healing Light Bodega's Canna-Chapstick - the one we tried for this article - the flavorful addition was peppermint. And the result is the perfect pocket rocket; the ideal way to medicate discreetly, effectively and in a targeted manner

On application, the taste was an appealing layer of peppermint, neatly wrapped in a wad of weed. The inimitable taste of cannabis is ever-present, yet due to this unique method of administration, it's of a kind you’ve probably never experienced before. What’s more, due to Healing Light Bodega Canna-Chapstick’s high THC content, coming in somewhere around the 25% mark, the effect is not just one of luscious lips.

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The Effect

Despite the unusual method of administration, the chapstick’s high THC content still works its way into your body. It enters through the skin and reacts with your endocannabinoid system in the same way it would if you were to smoke, eat or vape it. Therefore, while the effect is minimal due to the fact that the application is minimal, you’ll definitely feel it - and if you were to apply it liberally, you’ll be feeling it for a while.

At this point we should definitely insert the following disclaimer: Do not eat a Canna-Chapstick. It’s not an edible, it’s an apply-able. Despite being a relatively small stick, these little guys are densely packed and if you were to eat a whole one, you’re probably going to have a bad time.

The stick’s smell is also surprisingly pungent. When you remove the protective lid, a subtle, soothing smell of cannabis will be present in whatever closed space you inhabit. Therefore, while a Canna-Chapstick is an ideal way to medicate consistently through the day, you’re probably not going to want to open one up in the workplace.

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If you’re looking for a subtle yet effective way to medicate, then, look no further. Canna-Chapsticks give you the kick you need to alleviate the systems of whatever it is you currently treat with medical cannabis, and your lips will have never looked better. What's more, use the promo code below and get $20 off your first four orders.

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