Cannabis And Intimacy: 6 Products To Help Enhance Your Love Life

by greenrush
cannabis and intimacy

Cannabis and intimacy go hand in hand, thanks to the plant's potential as both an aphrodisiac and a sexual enhancer. But you don’t necessarily have to light up in order to reap the rewards cannabis can have on your sex life. Here are 6 products to help you discover the link between cannabis and sex.


Sensi Chew Amore

cannabis and intimacy

Sensi Chew


Sensi Chew’s Amore has to be one of the tastiest ways to combine cannabis and intimacy. A single pack contains 2 delicious chews (one for you and one for your partner) each containing 25mg of THC.


These chews also contain Tongkat Ali, a type of flowering plant from Indonesia which has been shown to increase testosterone levels. They promise to leave you feeling relaxed and produce a sense-heightening buzz that will help enhance your experience of pleasure.


As this is an edible product, the effects from the chews can take 45 minutes or more to kick in. They also contain a pretty hefty dose of THC, so we recommend trying just half a chew (or less) if you’re still new to edibles.


To try the Sensi Chew Amore with your partner, get it delivered from Compassionate Bay Delivery today.


Apothecanna Sexy Time Intimacy Oil

cannabis and intimacy



Apothecanna is dedicated to producing a variety of natural cosmetic products and improving people’s knowledge of natural plant medicine. Containing a mix of jasmine, coconut, argan, and cannabis extracts, this oil is luscious, rich, and super aromatic.


The intricate mix of extracts in this oil is designed to not only arouse but also enhance blood flow all around the body. It smells absolutely amazing, combining the soft floral aroma of jasmine with sweet, slightly tropical undertones.


Apothecanna Sexy Time Intimacy Oil can be used both as a lubricant and as a massage oil. It’s available from a variety of dispensaries, including ERBA Collective in Los Angeles.


Green Crack

cannabis and intimacy


Don’t let the name fool you; Green Crack is a super uplifting cannabis strain that’s ideal for when you’re looking for a gentle buzz to help get you in the mood.


Green Crack is a sativa-dominant strain treasured for its clear, uplifting effects. If you struggle to get intimate because you feel worn-down or tired after a long day, this strain will help enhance your mood and give you that little bit of energy you’re lacking.


Green Crack is a staple sativa strain that can be found at many dispensaries. If you’re in Las Vegas, make sure to get your batch from Jenny’s.


Humboldt Apothecary Love Potion # 7

cannabis and intimacy

Humboldt Apothecary


Humboldt Apothecary is a California-based company dedicated to producing high-quality herbal products for all kinds of uses. Love Potion #7 contains all natural cannabis extract combined with an aromatic blend of spices.


Containing cinnamon, kava kava, cardamom, roasted cacao nibs, and vanilla bean, this is easily one of the best smelling tinctures out there.


It contains a total of 250mg of THC and can be used orally or as a personal lubricant. It is designed to promote a healthy libido and leave you feeling aroused and energetic.


To try this sensual tincture for yourself and experience the link between cannabis and intimacy, order it from Cannabis Express San Francisco today.


Foria Pleasure Within

cannabis and intimacy



This Foria product is a cannabis-infused oil and lubricant designed to heighten your sexual experience. Made using top-shelf cannabis extract suspended in natural coconut oil, it has been specifically formulated to enhance feelings of pleasure and provide a more sensual sexual experience.


It’s a rich, silky smooth oil that can be applied to all parts of the body. Not only does it help enhance the physical sense of touch, but its beautiful aroma will also help get you into a healthy headspace where you’re able to switch off, relax, and enjoy.


Foria products are available at a number of dispensaries but if you’re in San Diego you can get Pleasure Within delivered from Fast And Friendly San Diego today.


Evergreen Organix Chocolate Chunk Brownie

cannabis and intimacy

Evergreen Organix


Sometimes all you need to get you in the mood is something sweet. That’s where Evergreen Organix Chocolate Chunk Brownie comes in. Trust us, these brownies taste as good as they sound.


This is a rich fudge brownie packed with big chunks of chocolate and a hefty serving of homemade cannabutter that’ll leave you feeling elevated, happy, and super sensual. The total THC count of these brownies is 26.3mg, so make sure to take only small doses if you’re new to edibles.


If you prefer to eat yourself into a sexy euphoria, make sure to give these brownies a go. You can get them from BlackJack Collective in Las Vegas.


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