Cannabis Breathalyzer Could Be Coming To The Workplace

by greenrush
cannabis breathalyzer


TechCrunch Disrupt recently sat down with Mike Lynn, co-founder, and CEO of Hound Labs, the startup that's developing the world's first reliable cannabis breathalyzer.


Other than Josh Constine calling Lynn a 'nark', the interview gave some insight into what a cannabis breathalyzer might look like in the United States.


The Massachusets Supreme Judicial Court recently ruled that field sobriety tests used in drunk driving cases cannot be used as concrete evidence against a driver suspected of driving under influence of cannabis. Because the effects of weed vary from person to person, it's near impossible for an officer to determine whether or not a driver is driving high.


Hound Labs might be changing this. In their last round of funding, they managed to raise $8.1 million for research. The question is, how exactly would this machine work?


Lynn explained that the machine comes with single-use cartridges. Once breath enters a cartridge, a chemical reaction separates THC molecules and calculates the level of THC present. In essence, it's pretty similar to an alcohol breathalyzer.


The cannabis breathalyzer is currently only available to law enforcement agencies but Lynn says Hound Labs are looking to market it to employers in the future. Whilst this could save employers millions of dollars in drug test costs, is it going too far into invading the privacy of employees?


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