5 Cannabis Careers To Think About Getting Into

2 years ago

As the cannabis industry expands, so does the potential for making a career out of cannabis. The cannabis industry is fast becoming one of the largest industries in the United States and in an economy where traditional jobs may be few and far between, cannabis careers represent an exciting new field to explore.


Whilst our list of cannabis careers is by no means exhaustive, let it provide you with the inspiration you need to explore a career in the wonderful world of weed! Here are 5 cannabis careers to think about getting into.


1. Budtender

cannabis careers

The first on our list of cannabis careers is, of course, the budtender. Imagine being able to handle weed for a living and educate customers on the many wonders of the cannabis plant. Being a budtender may sound easy, however, budtending requires a lot of work, passion, and commitment. Budtenders are usually required to have extensive product knowledge as well as good customer service skills and the ability to tailor cannabis recommendations to the needs of customers.


Online courses are now emerging to qualify budtenders to stand behind the desk and advise people on cannabis. As it becomes more prestigious to be a budtender, you should consider taking one of these courses to spice up your resume.


2. Cultivator

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In states like California and Oregon, only the best of the best makes it into dispensaries. Of all the careers in cannabis, the cultivator job might be the toughest one to crack into. But to grow weed for a living - how divine!


If you consider yourself the expert grower, then why not try your hand at supplying some of the dispensaries around? They are always in need of a constant supply of weed, but an average harvest just won’t cut it these days.


Getting your green thumb into action as a part of the cannabis industry can be complicated. You must start with a license to grow cannabis and be committed to harvesting every year. If you want to be licensed as organic, your farm has to be adequately prepared first with organic soil, nutrients, and pesticides. Lastly, you have to know what you want to grow. Will you be growing high THC material, high CBD plants or will you be growing plants that will finally be turned into concentrates? These are all points you need to think about before deciding if you want to be a cultivator.


3. Writer

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People love reading about cannabis. After all, you’re reading this article, aren’t you? If you fancy yourself a wordsmith, being a paid cannabis blogger can be a rewarding, work from home job. Across the industry, there are many companies that require branding and content for their websites. And that’s where writers and editors come in. Why not combine your passion for the written word with cannabis and create content readers will truly enjoy?


Get in touch with your favorite online cannabis publication or have a browse through job listing websites. Offer yourself as a master of words who can help to inform customers about the benefits of using cannabis. This is the best way to get your cannabis written word published.


4. Chef

cannabis careers



Despite what cannabis lore may tell you, those delicious edibles don’t come from the weed fairy. Behind each brownie and each gummy is a master of cooking with cannabis. Cannabis cuisine is nothing short of an art, and there is a huge demand for healthy and delicious cannabis edibles.


First things first, you will need to have solid culinary experience to get into this field. A passion for cooking with cannabis will also hold you in good stead. Being a chef, cannabis-focused or not is a tough career that requires a lot of hard work, however, it can be extremely rewarding.


5. Entrepreneur

cannabis careers



In any field, entrepreneurship carries an inherent risk, however, there is also the potential for great success. Do you have a passion for cannabis and the desire to push the industry to the next level? Perhaps you are sitting on an idea that will change the way the industry operates. The cannabis industry is still in its infancy which means there is lots of opportunity for new ideas.


It’s no small endeavor to become a cannabis entrepreneur, but it can be highly rewarding - financial or otherwise. Some things to consider if this a route you’re interested in taking are the obstacles you may face along the way. Cannabis remains federally illegal so expect a lot of red tape when setting up a cannabis business and always make sure you keep up to date with cannabis laws in your state.


If you want to work with weed, there’s no shortage of cannabis careers out there. Remember, this list isn’t exhaustive - there a variety of other cannabis-related jobs you can be a part of. If you’re passionate about cannabis, explore the possibilities and start building your cannabis career today.


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