Cannabis Crop Planted In Austin To Provide Medical Marijuana In Texas

by greenrush
medical marijuana in texas

A Texas-based dispensary has received its license to grow, process and sell cannabis. Now, for the first time in history, a legal cannabis crop is being planted in the Austin metro area to supply medical marijuana in Texas for those with severe epilepsy.


Compassionate Cultivation is one of only three licensed growers of medical marijuana in Texas. It finally received its official documentation after being approved for a grow license in May. They've wasted no time in putting their license to good use and have already planted hundreds of cannabis seeds which have already begun to germinate.


CEO Morris Denton has a notably honorable intention behind planting the seeds so quickly. "The sooner we plant the seeds, the quicker we can get this medicine to the people who need it, " he said.


The process of growing cannabis to be converted into CBD oil usually takes around 3 months, however, Denton believes his state of the art grow facility could significantly reduce that time. He's hoping that product will start to be available as early as December.


Texas Law


Growing laws in the United States remain rather limited, especially in Texas. The Compassionate Use Act was signed into law back in 2015 and only allows patients suffering from rare forms of epilepsy to use CBD oil as a treatment. This is despite numerous cases of CBD significantly improving the lives of epilepsy patients.


Denton hopes that this is a small step in the right direction and that similar treatments will available to more people in the future.


This small step has been met with joy from many parents who have children that suffer from epilepsy. Denton himself has said he has a family history of epilepsy and is just happy to help where he can.


It's hoped that Texas law will evolve in the future to help people suffering where it can.

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