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Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco: How to Order

3 years ago

Beautiful, breathtaking, innovating, and groundbreaking, San Francisco is one hell of a city. Furthermore, as a leader in the world San Francisco boasts one of highest concentrations of tech jobs. And now, getting a cannabis delivery in San Francisco is easier than ever when you visit

Getting Cannabis Delivered in San Francisco

GreenRush is optimized to operate on the device that you use the most, your mobile phone! You must to go through a few steps before you can order.

In order to use, we must first verify you as a legal California patient. We must verify that you have an active medical marijuana card  as well as proof of residency in the state of California. Need help getting a medical marijuana card? GreenRush can help your there too. Get your official marijuana consultation for $39 here. Being fully legal, 100% secure and totally online,  get approved from your smart phone within 20 minutes. And remember, although cannabis is legal to possess and gift in California, a medical marijuana card is still required for purchase. Once you have been verified as a GreenRush patient member, you can order. Simply login to GreenRush, locate yourself, browse local dispensaries, and proceed order your medicine!

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Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco: Where Can I Order From?

GreenRush partners with the best of the best, providing a connoisseur selection of the highest quality medication. Although there are a number of dispensaries available in your city, we have not connected wit everyone just yet. If your favorite dispensary isn't on GreenRush, ask them why can't you order from them on GreenRush. We'd like to know too!

Smile House

Smiles House is a non-profit, medical marijuana collective that guarantees only the best products on the market. As a very well stocked dispensary, Smile House boasts a diverse selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles and pre-rolls. With speedy deliveries, and prices that will make your house smile, Smile House will sure become a favorite given a chance.

Golden Line

Golden Line is a central-San Francisco dispensary that offers speedy, late night deliveries through the week, and 24-hour delivery on weekends. The menu of Golden Line is consistently well-stocked with innumerable flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls and even a gadget from time to time. Get a medical cannabis delivery in San Francisco at literally anytime from Golden Line.

Mirage Medicinal

Mirage Medicinal pride themselves on being a top-shelf cannabis delivery service.  Delivering to patients anywhere in San Francisco and the Peninsula, Mirage Medicinal aims to become your new green standard. As a result, their stock includes an impressive range of cannabis products from flowers to fashion.

The above is not meant as an exhaustive list of cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco. In fact, it barely scratches the surface. If you'd like to get a cannabis delivery in San Francisco, offers an army partners that'll make getting your medicine on demand easier than ever before.

Get a Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco in Minutes

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