Headed To EDC Las Vegas? Here’s Where To Get Your Weed For The Festival

by greenrush
edc las vegas

EDC Las Vegas is coming up very, very soon, and those with tickets are just as excited as we are for it. It will be the fourth time that EDC hits Las Vegas and each year it gets bigger and bigger. This festival runs over three days, from May 18 to 20. Electronic music isn’t the only feature of this weekend - there will be pyrotechnics, light shows, performances, and an abundance of art to enjoy as well. EDC is a place for people of the world to come together, connect, celebrate and love one another. And of course - you’ll need enough ganja to share with everybody.


There’s no better chance to bliss out on marijuana than a festival. Indulge your ears, your eyes and your heart. We’re giving you the heads up about which dispensaries are nearby and that will be stocked with delicious products for you to enjoy at EDC Las Vegas!


The Blackjack Collective

edc las vegas

The BlackJack Collective is a premier Las Vegas dispensary, and it’s not far from the famed Electric Daisy Carnival. On your way into the party, get off at the corner of Western and Oakey, and poke your head into The Blackjack Collective. They are open from 10 am to 11 pm, so even if you've arrived late, Blackjack will have its doors open.


At Blackjack, you’ll find a lot of concentrates. You’ll also find a great range of herb and edibles, too. If you’re thinking about the most inconspicuous and least troublesome ways to consume at EDC Las Vegas, you might be better off with a portable vape or edible!


If you’re looking for a great vape pen, we recommend the Girl Scout Cookies Cartridge. It’s a perfect hybrid for enjoying some psychedelic, mind-bending tunes and will definitely last you the weekend. We also suggest the Durban Poison Cartridge - an uplifting sativa that will get you on the dancefloor. For an edible product, you can’t go wrong with sour sativa gummies to share, can you?



edc las vegas

Oasis Cannabis, located near the Arts District, is the perfect place to drop in if you find yourself exploring central Las Vegas before EDC. Oasis is paired with some top quality farms hailing some of the best genetics from the area. The shelves are stocked with the likes of City Trees, Deep Roots Harvest, Polaris, and Matrix.


For some high-quality ganja, we recommend the Chemdawg preroll. This strain has secured itself a spot in the cannabis hall of fame, as one of the most consistently potent strains available. It usually hovers anywhere between 15 and 20% THC. So, let this be something of a warning to those new at smoking!


For those looking for something a little bit “lighter” for this EDC Las Vegas, you can try Highly Edible’s Watermelon Pucks. The packet contains 100mg of THC so you can dose yourself accordingly. Plus, they are delicious and inconspicuous!



edc las vegas

Heading to the strip before attending EDC Las Vegas 2018? Well, did you know you can go shopping for cannabis products on the strip, too? At Essence on The Strip, you can get your hands on a huge range of flowers, concentrates, and edibles. There are so many products to choose from at Essence, you might want to take your time inside.


Don’t leave Essence without getting your hands on Sativa Cantabs - easy to use (it’s a tablet) and completely inconspicuous, there are 20 x 100mg tablets in the box. Don’t eat them all at once or, even better, share them with your friends.


Jenny’s North Las Vegas

edc las vegas

Last, but definitely not least is Jenny’s in North Las Vegas. At Jenny’s, we’re talking prerolls, edibles and concentrates - the perfect products to take with you to EDC Las Vegas. Located on N Decatur Blvd, it’s easy to get to either on the way to EDC Las Vegas or to duck out for a minute to stock up.


Jenny’s flowers are all lab tested, which makes it super easy to choose something that’s the right strength. The Blue Maui sativa sits at over 27% THC. So if you like a strong bud, then a gram of this ought to do the job. But rolling up at a festival can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re facing some winds. So we also recommend Jenny’s Daytime Prerolls, so you can avoid those festival rolling challenges.


If you think an edible might be more festival appropriate, we also recommend some Sativa Cheeba Chews. And if you want to take something for sharing, the Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar by Kiva will have all of your friends getting on the dancefloor with you!


EDC Las Vegas is one of the biggest music festivals of the year and as Brian and Peter Griffin once reminded us - everything is better with a bag of weed! So stock up in one of these dispensaries before hitting EDC Las Vegas this year!


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