Star Wars Marijuana Strains : Cannabis Far Far Away

by greenrush

With the new Star Wars Awaken movie set to premier, cannabis enthusiasts and consumers have an assortment of ways to prepare for a galaxy far far away. The best Star Wars Marijuana Strains and products that merge cannabis and Star Wars will be covered, including special strains and Glassware - lets begin.

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Star Wars Marijuana Strains - Yoda OG  

This energizing OG kush phenotype is one of the best marijuana strains to buy. Make you speak like Yoda, this strain will.

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Yoda OG stimulates your mind and has an uplifting effect that induces and sense of well-being, just like the Star Wars legend himself. Yoda OG has a pungent diesel aroma with underlying notes of mandarin, and a taste that reflects the scent. Yoda OG is a very popular strain throughout California from Humboldt to San Diego, but was originated in So-Cal. Yoda OG is the perfect Star Wars Marijuana strain to get you ready for the new movie.

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Star Wars Marijuana Strains - White Fire Jedi OG

White Widow, Fire OG and and OG Phenotype make up this strain another kush uplifting feeling that’s sure to enhance your mood. White Fire Jedi OG is among the top strains for firing up that saber and putting in work. It originated in SoCal but has also made its way north to the SF bay area.

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Star Wars Marijuana Strains - SkyWalker OG 

Skywalker OG is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that may just take you to a galaxy far, far away. No Sith genetics here—this plant is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush and has the strong aroma characteristic to kush strains that includes a spicy herbal scent.

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As far as Star Wars Marijuana Strains go, Skywalker OG will have you walking on clouds feeling like the Star Wars legend himself.


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Star Wars Marijuana Paraphernalia - Darth Vader

The Star Wars ruler of the dark side offers his assistance in your medical cannabis consumption,  Just be warned, you may have a sudden change in the sound of your voice when you add some Darth Vader OG from OG Discount Pharmacy.

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Star Wars Cannabis Paraphernalia - Yoda

Elevate your mind with the assistance of the Jedi Master himself. Be warned, speak like him, you might when you fill these up with Jedi Kush from Central Valley Holistics

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Star Wars Marijuana Paraphernalia - Miscellaneous

Fill this X-Wing Glass Pipe with some Hydro Yoda OG from Brisk Delivery and get ready for that flight through space.

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And no Star Wars marijuana post would be complete without giving a nod to our boy @ValleyRec420, who can be found doing what he does best on Instagram, Twitter, and Massroots:


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An exciting new installment for Star Wars is on the horizon. We hope this list of Star Wars marijuana strains prepares you for the force to be awaken...May the Dank be with you!

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