These Cannabis Friendly Hotels Will Transform Your Next Vacation

by greenrush
cannabis friendly hotels

Winter is here in the Northern Hemisphere… wouldn’t a vacation be nice? Long gone are the days of turning on the hotel shower and hoping that the ventilation system would suck up the smoke with the steam (most newer hotels no longer have bathroom vents!). When it’s time to plan your next 420 vacations, make sure you choose one of these cannabis friendly hotels to avoid embarrassment, legal issues, or costly hotel fees. The only incidental charge you want to incur during your stony getaway is late night room service for the munchies.


The Adagio Bud + Breakfast in Denver, Colorado

cannabis friendly hotels

The classic destination for stateside smokers, Denver offers more than one 420 hotel, but The Adagio was the first of its kind in the Mile High City. Recreational marijuana is legal for adults in Colorado, and The Adagio is a perfect place to embrace Denver’s weed culture. Each of the private rooms—named after famous composers—in this Victorian house start at $299 per night, and guests must be 21+ to enjoy the dope amenities, which include: wake ‘n’ bake breakfast, beer, wine, 4:20 happy hour, and more! Book a ski trip to nearby Echo Mountain and reward yourself with a hot stone massage at The Adagio afterward.


The Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon

cannabis friendly hotels

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of dank beer, tasty food, lush scenery, and recreationally legalized marijuana, look no further than the West Coast oasis known as Portland. The Jupiter Hotel teamed up with Dope magazine to bring you Oregon’s first 420 package: all you have to do is supply the weed. This gem on our list of cannabis friendly hotels will kit you out with a vaporizer, munchy supplies, Dope magazine swag, and coupons for discounts at local dispensaries. Located adjacent to the world-renowned Doug Fir Lounge, music-loving stoners will meet their match at the Jupiter Hotel. Rooms start at around $100 before adding on the 420 package.


Goma Kush Private Residence in Montevideo, Uruguay

cannabis friendly hotels

Uruguay became the first country to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana across the entire nation in 2017. When looking for a unique vacation experience in this warm Southern Hemisphere destination, consider ditching the hotel and enjoying 420 friendly housing in Montevideo. Book an affordable room at the Goma Kush private residence starting at $100 per night—cannabis included! Reap the reward of warm local guides as you enjoy the wine, weed, and wonderment of this oft-overlooked South American destination.


Ocean Beach Hotel in San Diego, California

cannabis friendly hotels

Smoking indoors is pretty much off the table everywhere in California, so if you want to celebrate recreational marijuana legalization in the Golden State, make sure you book a cannabis friendly hotel room with a balcony—just don’t tell anyone we told you. San Diego has been called the birthplace of summer so go channel your solstice vibes with a stay at the Ocean Beach Hotel. With nearby dispensaries, a kick-ass zoo, oceanfront views, and affordable rates starting around $125 per night in the winter, your California getaway will be kush and cushy in all the right ways.


Exodus Retreat in Runaway Bay, Jamaica

cannabis friendly hotels

Notorious for its lax laws around marijuana, Jamaica is just about the perfect place for potheads to head during the winter. Forget cannabis friendly hotels! How about a cannabis friendly resort! The Exodus Retreat can accommodate the special requests of up to 10 stoners. The property runs $500 per night so grab your best bud buddies and enjoy a Caribbean getaway to remember. Swim with dolphins, ride horses on the beach, or just kick it by your own private pool… and there’s even a cook on staff to cater to your every snacky whim!

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