Cannabis Is Being Grown Once More At George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate

by greenrush
mount vernon

Mount Vernon, home to America's first president and founding father, George Washington, is seeing a resurgence of the cannabis plant on its grounds.

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The estate's director of horticulture, Dean Norton is bringing back the plant to Mount Vernon, at the suggestion of 37-year-old North Carolina farmer, Brian Walden. Norton was, at first, hesitant to facilitate cannabis' comeback to the historic grounds, however, ultimately decided to move forward with the idea in order to educated visitors to Mount Vernon on the importance of hemp in American history as well as its countless properties and uses.


Hemp, while part of the cannabis family, is different from its psychoactive cousin. It contains only trace amounts of THC (the compound that gets you high) and experts say it possesses no psychoactive effect.

mount vernon

Hemp was a vital crop during colonial times and was grown freely in the United States. It was used to make fiber for rope and other products and was deemed a valuable cash crop. George Washington himself even viewed hemp as more lucrative than tobacco. As psychoactive marijuana became more prominent in the United States, so did calls for its prohibition, which resulted in both cannabis and hemp being banned in 1937. Thus began the era of cannabis prohibition that still marks America today.


George Washington acquired Mount Vernon from his family in 1754 and turned the once one and a half story house into the grand estate many visit today. He was passionate about cultivating hemp and grew it on the estate's lands.


Mount Vernon's new cannabis crop sits atop the estate, boasting a 1,000-square-foot plot. The crop was planted in June and should soon be ready for harvest.


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