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In January 2015, Weedhire, an online board for cannabis jobs, reported an average of 70.25% growth in employment opportunities across four main sectors of the cannabis industry.

A year later, and California’s slice of the industry is booming: The signing of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act promises to open up the doors for expansion as the industry becomes more controlled and regulated, while activists are pushing hard to see cannabis legalized completely.

With so much potential, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the different cannabis jobs currently available. So, read on, and you might just find your next dream job!

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Green Careers: Cannabis Jobs in California

find cannabis jobs in California today

Cannabis Job: Accountant

Cannabis regulations are complex, meaning accountants are in high demand in order to help business in the marijuana industry ensure they’re abiding by the law and keeping clean books. Responsibilities can include everything from records management/keeping, bookkeeping, taxation, and traceability.

If you’re in the numbers game and looking for a job in the cannabis industry as an accountant, click here to send your CV to and kickstart your new career.

Cannabis Job: Ambassador

Cannabis businesses both new and old are constantly on the lookout for ambassadors to help push their brand and products onto the market. Successful applicants can expect to work everywhere from cannabis exhibitions and events, to pop-ups and even flash mobs, in order to help businesses spread their name.

If you know you’ve got what it takes to take a brand from local to global as a cannabis ambassador, click here and send your CV to and fast-track you’re new start in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Job: Baker/Chef

Tons of cannabis businesses looking to break into the edibles market are in need of bakers and chefs to help them perfect their product. This includes working closely with businesses to produce high-quality cannabis edibles such as candies, chocolate bars, cakes/sweets, and much more.

If you’re either a foodie, someone with a sweet tooth, or just love being in the kitchen, click here and send your CV to to find you’re next job as a cannabis chef/baker.

Cannabis Job: BudTender

This one’s a classic. Budtenders work in dispensaries to help clients and patients find them the medicine that’s best for them. With California’s cannabis industry experiencing a HUGE boom, budtenders are in big demand.

If you love cannabis and working with people, apply here to kickstart your career as a budtender.

Cannabis Job: Blogger

cannabis jobs: blogger

With new products, businesses, and information about cannabis flooding the industry, cannabis bloggers are in big demand. Their primary responsibility is to provide online readers/patients to find reliable, useful, and digestible information regarding cannabis to help them make informed decisions about what kinds of products are best for them. To see an example of cannabis blogging, check out the Green Rush blog.

If you’re a wordsmith and love seeing your name in print, send your application to and become a cannabis blogger today.

Cannabis Job: Compliance Officer

The cannabis industry in California is young, meaning rules, regulations, and legislation are changing constantly. Compliance officers work closely with cannabis businesses such as manufacturers, dispensaries, testing labs, and even transport companies, to make sure they’re meeting their requirements and abiding by the law.

If you like the idea of working with new and old businesses to help cannabis patients receive the best possible medicine available, click here to send your application to The cannabis industry needs you.

Cannabis Job: Cultivator

Cannabis businesses are constantly looking for both experienced and beginner growers to help them perfect their product. Cultivators are required to monitor and grow varieties of medical cannabis plants that not only meet the demands of their companies and patients, but also abide by new rules and regulations.

If you’ve got a green thumb, apply to be a cannabis cultivator today at

Cannabis Job: Delivery Driver

With sites like Green Rush expanding the cannabis delivery sphere and helping patients get their medicine delivered to their front door, dispensaries are always looking for new team members to join their delivery team. As a cannabis delivery driver, you’ll be working closely be working closely with patients to get them their medicine discreetly and quickly, while upholding strict transport regulations.

Love being on the road? Click here to apply as a cannabis delivery driver today.

Cannabis Job: Doctor

Recent estimates suggest more than 750,000 Californians use medical cannabis to treat some kind of illness. Cannabis doctors help these patients to medicate correctly and experiment with different kinds of cannabis/cannabis products, and monitor their progress.

We are still only beginning to understand cannabis and its role in medicine, and the industry needs doctors to work with both patients and professionals to further our knowledge of this plant.

To kickstart your career as a cannabis doctor, click here and send your application to

Cannabis Job: Geneticist

Cannabis geneticists are in high demand to help us push the boundaries of this powerful plant. Work directly with a variety of cannabis strains to enhance their quality, performance, and chemical profiles, and create new strains/products tailored to meet the specific needs of medical marijuana patients.

If you’re interested in working as a cannabis geneticist, create an application through to start your job search.

Cannabis Job: Glass Artists

cannabis jobs: glass artist

With the cannabis boom comes a flood of new cannabis products such as concentrates. With this comes a growing need for glass artists to create quality glassware to help patients medicate whichever way they prefer. Patients and companies also take pride in owning/selling glassware that’s beautiful and well-designed, which in turn creates a greater demand for glass artists that are skilled, innovative, and super creative.

If you’re a creator.artist and want to break into cannabis glassware industry, apply at to kickstart your new dream career.

Cannabis Job: Lab Assistant

New legislation is calling for more standardization/regulation of cannabis and cannabis products. Lab testing these products helps maintain trust and loyalty among patients, and helps keep cannabis companies accountable to the law.

Apply at JoinTheGreenRush today and become a cannabis lab assistant today.

Cannabis Job: Lobbyist

Cannabis lobbyists provide the cannabis industry with a voice to be heard by officials in order to create and maintain important legislation that holds the industry accountable and regulated. As a cannabis lobbyist, you can be the voice of the cannabis industry and patients alike, and help build the foundations for America’s fastest growing industry.

To become a cannabist lobbyist today, apply at JoinTheGreenRush now.

Cannabis Job: Photographer/Videographer

Just like with any product, presentation is key. Cannabis companies are on the lookout for talented photographers and videographer to capture everything from industry events and staff photos to stunning images of their products.

If you love being behind the lens and want to be involved in capturing the beauty of cannabis/cannabis products, apply at today to find your dream job.

Cannabis Job: Salesperson

Every company needs a killer sales team to get their products onto the market and into the hands of their clients. Cannabis salespersons are using expert sales techniques rack in sales, create new leads, and managing their existing accounts. As a cannabis salesperson, you’ll be the driving force behind the growth of the industry.

If you can sell ice to an eskimo, apply at today and kickstart your sales career in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Job: Social Media Manager

cannabis jobs: social media manager

The power of social media is undeniable. Cannabis companies are looking for talented social managers to help them build their brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This includes everything from running/maintaining ad campaigns, engaging audiences with quality content, and responding to any enquiries.

Got a knack for social? Apply at to find your next gig as a cannabis social media manager.

Cannabis Job: Trimmer

Trimmers work with cannabis cultivators to effectively cut cannabis plants to stimulate growth in all the right ways. Growers/cultivators are constantly looking for trimmers with close attention to detail and a love for cannabis plants/products to join their team.

Apply at today and kickstart your career as a cannabis trimmer.

Cannabis Job: Web Developer

We all understand the importance of the online world for businesses, and it’s no different in the cannabis industry. Cannabis companies such as dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivators are looking for talented web developers to bring the cannabis community to life with their expertise in coding languages, e-commerce, cross-browser compatibility, UI design, security principles, web services, & API’s.

To join the cannabis industry as a web developer, apply at today.

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