These 7 Cannabis Products Are Perfect For A 4th Of July BBQ

by greenrush
4th of july bbq

Looking to spice up your 4th of July BBQ? We’ve got just the thing. In this post, we highlight some of the best cannabis products to take your 4th of July BBQ to the next level. Happy Independence Day, USA!


White Octane OG 7 Pack

4th of july bbq



White Octane OG is a powerful indica-dominant strain that’s loved all around the country.


It’s a dense, full-bodied smoke with rich earthy aromas and subtle lemon undertones. Thanks to its indica-dominant genetics, White Octane produces a relaxed, yet creative high and subtle euphoria.


Order this 7-pack of White Octane OG pre-rolls from Jenny’s in North Las Vegas, light them up after your BBQ and get ready to kick back and unwind.


Kingpen Disposable Cartridge

4th of july bbq



No 4th of July cannabis BBQ is complete without a couple of vape pens being passed around.


These disposable vape cartridges by Kingpen are ideal for social events like parties and BBQs. Each pen contains 0.25g of delicious concentrate made with Cali-O, an old-school classic strain that induces a strong, uplifting euphoria.


If you’re in San Diego, get a couple of these pens delivered to your door from Left Coast Collective today.


CannaPunch Pineapple Mango Delight Punch

4th of july bbq



Looking for a fun way to keep your guests refreshed? This cannabis-infused punch from CannaPunch is perfect.


CannaPunch’s entire line of cannabis-infused drinks are completely vegan and made with only natural ingredients. Each drink contains almost 90 mg of THC, which makes for almost 9 full doses.


While CannaPunch is available in 5 different flavors, this pineapple-mango punch is by far our favorite. Order it from BlackJack Collective in Las Vegas now.


Cured Bomb Desserts Chocolate Covered Pretzels

4th of july bbq

Got a sweet tooth? Even if you don’t, you weren't really thinking of throwing a 4th of July BBQ without dessert, were you?


These Chocolate Covered Pretzels taste as good as they sound. Plus, the entire pack contains 60mg of CBD, resulting in nice calming effects, even in small doses.


Actually, the fact that these pretzels don’t contain THC is probably a good thing, because you’ll struggle to keep your hands off them.


To sweeten up your 4th of July BBQ, order your CBD pretzels from Compassionate Bay Delivery Salinas today.


Absolute Xtracts Honey Straws

4th of july bbq

Absolute Xtracts


If chocolate pretzels don’t do it for you, let us introduce these delicious Honey Straws by Absolute Xtracts.


You can probably guess what’s in these; each plastic straw contains delicious, organic cannabis-infused honey. Whether you add them to yogurt, tea, or enjoy them on their own, these straws have to be one of the most delicate ways to enjoy getting high.


Each straw contains 40mg of THC, so make sure to share them around. Get your THC Honey Straws from Cannabis Xpress San Francisco now.


Orange Kush

4th of july bbq



Orange Kush has to be one of our favorite strains of all times.


With its delicious citrus aroma, Orange Kush is really easy to tell apart from other strains. We also love it for its effects, which are uplifting and creative, yet also relaxing. If you’re looking for a social strain that’ll keep the conversation flowing smoothly at your 4th of July BBQ, this is it.


Order your batch of Orange Kush at Marie’s Deliverables in San Francisco for only $100 per ounce!


Bay 11

4th of july bbq

Cali Xpress


Last on our list of 4th of July cannabis products is this iconic strain, first bred by Grandaddy Purp.


Bay 11 is an uplifting sativa strain that’s perfect for situations where you want to stay active, in control, and social. It’s got a deliciously sweet, fruity aroma and produces a really nice, long-lasting euphoria.


Get Bay 11 from Cali Xpress in San Francisco.


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