These 6 San Francisco Cannabis Products Are Ideal For Sharing

by greenrush
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It’s Pride Month, and at greenRush, we can’t think of a better way to share the love than with cannabis. To help you celebrate, we’ve decided to shed a light on some of our favorite cannabis products from 2 of San Francisco’s best dispensaries; Cannabis Express and Marie’s Deliverables.


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Disclaimer: Always respect local cannabis laws when sharing cannabis with others.


LIV Clear Sour Jack Disposable Vape Pen

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LIV is a vape company producing some very innovative products. These disposable pens are the perfect way to enjoy top-shelf concentrates with your friends and family.


Each pen contains 100% pure, solvent-free cannabis extract with a total of 250mg THC. This particular pen contains a rich sativa oil made using Sour Jack (a hybrid between Sour Diesel and Jack Herer) that produces a long-lasting euphoria that will leave you feeling uplifted, social and energized.


The pen itself contains a special atomizer designed to hold a consistent temperature and provide smooth, dense hits while preserving as much of the extract’s natural aromas and flavors as possible. Best of all, the pen comes with a pre-charged battery designed to last the lifetime of the cartridge. Once you’re done, the pen can go straight into the trash, making it perfect for parties or get-togethers.


Order your LIV Sour Jack Disposable Vape Pen from Marie's Deliverables today. First time ordering from Marie's? Use the code MARIESREAD to get $20 off your order!


Toast Original 10 Pack Pre-rolls

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Looking for something a bit more special than the average pre-roll? Then these Toast Pre-Rolls are for you.


These are professionally manufactured cannabis cigarettes that transform smoking into a classy, social experience. Each cigarette is made with a 100% cannabis blend containing 5.5%THC and 11% CBD. They produce very balanced effects that combine the cerebral stimulation of THC-rich strains with the calming, relaxing effects of CBD.


This pack contains 10 pre-rolled cigarettes made with natural hemp rolling paper and a filter to make each draw smooth, clean, and full of flavor.


To order your 10 pack of Toast Pre-rolls, head on over to Cannabis Express San Francisco now. First time ordering from CANEX? Get $20 off when you use the code CANEXREAD18 at checkout!


Kikoko Sensuali-Tea Canister

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Kikoko is an awesome female-founded cannabis company that makes a range of cannabis teas designed to enhance all aspects of your life.


Sensuali-Tea is a caffeine-free blend containing hibiscus, rose petals, orange peel, lavender, cardamom, cloves, licorice root, and (of course) a healthy dose of CO2 extract made from organically grown cannabis. The result? A sensual, passionate experience that’s perfect for sharing with your partner.


Kikoko Sensuali-Tea will leave you feeling active, playful, and passionate. As the name suggests, this blend is designed to enhance your sexual experience in all the right ways.


To spice things up in the bedroom, order your Kikoko Sensuali-Tea from Cannabis Express San Francisco now.


Dosist Arouse Disposable Vape Pen

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Looking for other fun ways to spice things up with your partner? This disposable vape pen by Dosist is perfect.


Dosist is dedicated to helping people see the link between cannabis and health/well-being. Its line of vape pens offers different cannabis formulas designed to enhance everything from sleep to sex. The Arouse formula contains a terpene-rich concentrate with a 10:1 THC:CBD ratio.


As the name suggests, Dosist’s Arouse formula is designed to leave you and your partner feeling passionate, aroused, and excited after even just a single dose (2.25mg of THC). Oh, and did we mention that each pen contains over 200 doses?


To try the Dosist Arouse Vape Pen, order it from Cannabis Express San Francisco now.


Cannabis Express House Bundle Deal

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If you love variety in your cannabis products, Cannabis Express San Francisco has the perfect deal for you.


This House Bundle contains a variety of different cannabis products that are perfect for sharing with your friends, family, or partner. Each pack contains:


- 1 Kiva Chocolate Bar (valued at $28)

- 1 Vape Cartridge by Absolute Xtracts (valued at $40)

- 1/8th of house flower (valued at $40)

- 1 Larry’s Garlic 1:1 Pre-roll (valued at $8)


Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat to share with your partner, a vape cartridge to pass around at a BBQ, or a nice joint to burn with your best bud, this pack has it all.


Dosist Relief Disposable Vape Pen

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We’ve already included a Dosist pen on this list, but we just couldn’t help but add this one, too.


Dosist’s Relief formula offers more balanced effects than the Arouse formula thanks to its 2:1 THC:CBD ratio. It is excellent for offering relief from physical symptoms like pain, aching, or inflammation. Meanwhile, its physical effects are also great for relaxing without the intense stimulation you’d get from a more THC-rich formula.


Order your Dosist Relief Vape Pen today at Marie’s Deliverables.


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