These New Changes Could Affect Your Favorite Cannabis Products

by greenrush
cannabis products

Change is the only constant, and change will soon come to some of your favorite California cannabis products. As of January 1, adult use cannabis became legal for sale thanks to Prop 64, but this sweeping California cannabis legalization came with some regulations that could affect your high. But which cannabis products will be affected and how?


Packaging Requirements


Part of the reasoning behind the overhaul of cannabis packaging comes from a desire to make the goods unattractive to children, and the regulations concerning packaging affect both medical cannabis products as well as adult use weed, too. These requirements apply to flower, concentrates, and edibles.


All cannabis products must be labeled with the results of their appropriate testing as laid out by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. This includes cannabinoid content, allergens, and other results. The packages must be both resealable and tamper-evident—which means no more inspecting the precise buds you buy (you can still check out a sample that is not for sale though).


Cannabis products can no longer look similar to traditional foods (i.e. crispy cereal bars, gummy bears, etc.). This folds into the movement to make California’s legal weed unattractive to kids.




Perhaps the most notable changes to California recreational cannabis products will be felt by those who enjoy edibles. No longer can edibles be infused with nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine (except naturally occurring caffeine as found in chocolate). Farewell, weed wine, we hardly knew you.


Edibles also cannot be shaped like anything cutesy: no more gummy critters! Anything shaped like people, animals, or other foods will be barred from manufacture. And some of the bud-infused foodstuffs will be getting the boot, too: no meat, dairy, or seafood will be allowed (although beef jerky and cannabutter from a licensed entity can still be sold).


cannabis products

Bye bye, buddies.


Edible dosages for both medical and recreational edibles cap out at 100 mg per package and 10 mg per serving. They also must pass the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s test for homogeneity so you don’t accidentally take a nibble of an edible and end up on your ass for several hours. Medical card holders can still purchase any remaining edibles on the shelves that don’t meet these requirements—but hurry because once they are sold out, there shall be no more.




California state legislature dictates that no longer can your budtender show you the precise cannabis you’ll be adopting. Since all cannabis must now come prepackaged, gone are the days of examining the exact shiny, crystalline trichomes of a new strain under a magnifying glass. You’ll have to rely on the good word of the retail salesperson that what is in the sample jar is also in the sealed package.


Medical cannabis patients in California can purchase up to eight ounces of prepackaged and properly labeled weed. Recreational cannabis customers in the Golden State are limited to one ounce (28.5 g) of newly regulated flower only.




If you’re keen on getting high on the down low, then concentrates are your best friend. These new regulations apply to tinctures, concentrates, ointments, oils, and capsules, and they help people achieve the precise dose of THC and/or CBD to tailor their cannabis experience.


cannabis products

If you’ve got a vape cartridge that you love, now is the time to stock up.


Medical patients can access up to 2000 mg of THC per concentrated product, but recreational customers are limited to 1000 mg per item. These regulations affect the previously unlimited and much-beloved vaporizer cartridges so make sure you’re checking with your budtender before buying one of your old favorite cannabis products because it could have changed in dosage.


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