Celebrate Pride With These Special Kush Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

by greenrush
rainbow rice krispies treats

Pride is one of the most colorful times of the year. Not only are there rainbows everywhere, but Pride parties and festivals are some of the best. What makes Pride so incredible is the freedom of expression that everybody feels and the sovereign right everybody has to be themselves. Cannabis pride follows that vein and there’s no better way to celebrate Pride month than with some special cannabis treats! Rainbow rice krispies treats, to be precise!

Taste The Rainbow


We hope you’re ready for a crowd, because these rainbow rice krispies treats may quite possibly make you the most popular person at the Pride party. Depending on your plans for this Pride month, you can adjust the potency of these delicious treats by either using a high or low potency cannabutter. For a mellow high, opt for a low to medium potency cannabutter, however, if psychoactivity is your thing, by all means, go with a high potency version instead!

rainbow rice krispies treats

If you prefer to make your own cannabutter, you’re in luck; check out our very own guide to making your own homemade cannabutter.


How To Make Kush Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats


Whilst we used rice krispies for this recipe, technically, you can use any kind of breakfast cereal you like. Cereals that work best will be lighter in color, as the rainbow colors you add will show up a lot better.




- 7 cups marshmallows

- 7 tbsp cannabutter

- 7 cups Rice Krispies (or cereal of your choice)

- Food coloring (in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.)



rainbow rice krispies treats

Grease and line a square cake tin with parchment paper.


Add 1 tbsp cannabutter & 1 cup marshmallows in a medium saucepan.


Cook on low heat until melted.


Add purple food coloring and 1 cup of rice krispies.


Take off the heat and stir until well coated.


Line the tin with the mixture.


Repeat with the same amount for each of the other colors, set aside to cool, and enjoy!


If you’re bringing these delicious treats to a Pride party this month or plan on sharing them with friends, remember to let everyone know they contain cannabis and should be consumed with caution. Enjoy these rainbow rice krispies treats responsibly and have a colorful Pride month!


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