Cannabis Social Media: How To Use Social To Market Your Cannabusiness

by greenrush
cannabis social media

Social media is arguably one of the biggest weapons in your online marketing arsenal. Unfortunately, many cannabis businesses struggle to wrap their head around social and how they can use it to positively promote their brand. So, we’ve decided to help you out. In this article, we’re going to share 4 cannabis social media tips to help your cannabusiness bloom.


1. Study Your Target Audience

cannabis social media

Target audience is a term we throw around in marketing all the time. But nowhere is it as important as on social. After all, no matter how good your message is, it’s pointless if it’s not being delivered to the right people. Luckily, studying and targeting your audience on social media is relatively easy.


Most platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, offer business plans that allow you to create targeted ads and posts to ensure they reach the right people. You can use basic metrics like age, sex, and location to quickly direct your message to the people you’re most interested in. But it doesn’t stop there; most social media platforms also allow you to target your audience based on their interests as well as the other pages they follow on social.


Facebook Insights, for example, can help you target people who like other cannabusinesses in your area, such as dispensaries, or people who attend nearby hemp and cannabis expos/events.


Make sure you use these metrics to your advantage and target your social content to the right people from the get-go.


2. Focus On Engagement

cannabis social media

Engagement is a huge deal on social media. It's not just enough to push your content out into the void and hope it connects with someone. Nor is it enough to get the occasional like, share, or comment on one of your posts.


To really be successful in the cannabis social media sphere, you’ll want to make sure you encourage your followers to engage with your content all the time. Do this, and you’re on track to building a strong brand and developing trust and loyalty among your audience.


Remember, one of the reasons social is such as huge marketing tool is because it allows you to connect with your audience in ways that were never before possible.


So, make sure you’re keeping a keen eye on all your social channels, and try simple tactics like:


- Encouraging comments on your posts
- Encouraging healthy, natural discussions about cannabis-related topics
- Asking your followers to share their experiences with your products with you via your social channels.


3. Follow The 1-in-7 Rule

cannabis social media

Let’s be honest: We all hate pushy salesmen, regardless of what they’re selling. So, make sure you avoid over-promoting your business. The best way to do this is to follow the 1-in-7 rule.


It’s simple: Make sure only 1 in 7 of your social media posts openly promotes your business.


Obviously, self-promotion is a big part of cannabis social media marketing. But over-promoting your business can actually have a real negative effect and push away potential customers.


Think of your business as the cool kid at school: He/she didn’t become cool by telling everyone “hey, I’m cool.” Instead, they wore baggy pants and skates (or whatever cool kids do) and the rest of the school quickly caught on.


The same applies to your business: Publish the right kind of content online and people will soon catch on to what your business is all about.


4. Create Value

cannabis social media

This is arguably the most important cannabis social media marketing tip. The best thing you can do online to promote your cannabis business is to create value.


Value-rich content automatically generates interest and engagement from people when it comes to cannabis social media and can work wonders for your brand image, presenting you as an authority figure in the cannasphere.


Here are some tips to quickly inject some value into your content:


- Try sharing news about the cannabis industry
- Use a blog to inform people about cannabis, how it's grown, and its potential medicinal benefits
- Share content from other leading brands in your industry


Another great way to make sure your content provides value is by ensuring it contains “take home” tips. This is the kind of information that people can apply directly after reading your content.


Add value to your content and you’ll be on the fast-track to building a strong, loyal brand following.


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