If You Haven’t Tried Cannabis Suppositories Yet, You’re Missing Out

by greenrush
cannabis suppositories

Walking into a cannabis dispensary in the new age is nothing short of a cultural experience. While different concentrates and floral strains jump out at you, cannabis suppositories fly a bit under the radar. No - suppositories aren’t exactly the kind of marijuana product that makes you popular at a party. But that’s not their purpose. Highly medicinal and extremely effective, cannabis suppositories are for those who really want to push the boundaries of alternative healing.


Suppositories are not designed for those who are looking to get high, either. One of the reasons that suppositories are so attractive to medical marijuana patients is the fact that they do not bring about a psychoactive effect. They do, however, give the body an opportunity to absorb a much larger volume of cannabinoids than it would usually have when smoking or ingesting orally.


The reason that the body can bypass the psychoactive effect when it is administered rectally is that the cannabinoids can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream while bypassing the liver. The liver plays an enormous role in the ingestion of cannabis and is what gives way to the psychoactive effect. However, when marijuana is used topically or rectally, this effect is completely bypassed. It makes cannabis suppositories appropriate treatment for all kinds of people. If you’re interested in trying cannabis suppositories, here are a few you should explore.


Foria Explore Suppositories

cannabis suppositories

Foria Explore Suppositories are made with 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. Foria aims to harness the power of these two cannabinoids in a capsule made for administering vaginally. The receptors in the pelvis are the ones to receive THC and CBD, allowing the user a chance to experience muscle relaxation and pain management, with very little effect on the brain.


Foria specializes in products that are made to increase pleasure and wellness. Foria suppositories can be used for a myriad of health conditions including period pain, cancer, and gut problems. They can be purchased from dispensaries such as The Way and Shambhala.


Trokie 100mg 1:1 suppository

cannabis suppositories

Trokie’s objective with this suppository is a high dose of cannabinoids while maintaining the balance between THC and CBD. A 1:1 ratio gives the person using it the best of both worlds: the anti-inflammatory effect of THC and the muscle relaxing effects of CBD. These suppositories are designed to be used rectally, but there’s nothing to say that they can’t be used vaginally like Foria products.


For symptomatic relief without having the added psychotropic effect, Trokie suppositories offer quite a substantial dose of cannabinoids. They can be purchased at Oasis.


Foria THC Lubricant

cannabis suppositories

Foria’s THC lubricant is a different kind of suppository to those we have already been talking about. This product was created by Foria to unlock some of the profound pleasures that can be experienced during a sexual encounter. Specially formulated for women, Foria THC lubricant is made with THC and coconut oil, and is applied to the vagina at least 15-30 minutes before climaxing.


Again, this product doesn’t really make a woman high. Rather, it makes her vagina high. This cannabis suppository dilates the very fine capillaries in the genitals, increasing sensitivity and giving the user a chance to experience a more intense orgasm. You can get your hands on Foria THC Lubricant at Exhale Med Center.


CBD Alive Balanced Suppository

cannabis suppositories

Alive Balanced’s cannabis suppositories are made with a pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil for a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. The base of this suppository is coconut oil infused with 45 mg of cannabinoids. The equal ratio of cannabinoids in this cannabis suppository encourages balance in the body and its endocannabinoid system. To try this product, you can head down to Erba Collective and get your hands on CBD Alive Balanced.


Although cannabis suppositories aren’t the most popular product on the marijuana market, they are probably the most efficient way to ingest cannabinoids. Almost nothing is lost through the digestion process, which can’t be said for edibles or smokeables. For those who are looking for a highly medicinal effect without the psychotropic feelings alongside, cannabis suppositories offer the best ingestion method. You have to try it!


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