Cannabis Users Have More Sex, According To New Study

by greenrush
cannabis users have more sex

According to a new scientific study, regular cannabis users have more sex. So if you like to light up, well, you're one of the lucky ones.


Investigators at Stanford University School of Medicine have found that frequent marijuana use may increase sexual desire. This is contrary to the commonly held belief that getting stoned means you're not getting laid.


This isn't exactly news to the many cannabis users who have been citing marijuana as an aphrodisiac for years. Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study found that cannabis smokers are having about 20% more sex than non-smokers.


Close to 51,000 Americans, aged 25-45 were questioned for the study. The study looked at data from the US government's National Survey of Family Growth. Subjects were asked about their cannabis use as well as their sex lives.


It was found that women who regularly smoke have sex around 7.1 times per month as opposed to six times for non-smokers. Men who smoked had sex an average of 6.9 times whereas non-smoking males only had sex 5.6 times per month.


The study also found that the correlation didn't change depending on factors such as marital status or race.


Joseph Palmer, an associate professor in the Department of Population Health at New York Universty noted that "it's unclear from the data if people had marijuana in their system before or during sex." It seems there could be some further research done into whether cannabis users have more sex and what further affects frequency.


"Marijuana use is very common, but its large-scale use and association with sexual frequency hasn't been studied much in a scientific way," said Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Assistant Professor of Urology and the lead author of the study.


Eisenberg also noted that if the average couple has sex once a week, then it really is true that cannabis smokers have more sex. 20 more times a year, in fact!


If that doesn't make you want to smoke, we don't know what will!


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