This Herby Cannabis Vinaigrette Will Upgrade Your Salad Game

by greenrush
cannabis vinaigrette

Love your leafy greens? Well, so do we. Cannabis can be a part of just about any healthy diet especially when it is consumed as an edible. It doesn’t have to be the traditional, sugar-filled weed brownie. In fact, you can incorporate weed into your diet in a plethora of ways. And at greenRush, we’re always trying to bring you clever ways to add marijuana to your food. So behold the cannabis vinaigrette.

You would be surprised how much more effective your marijuana can be when you link it in with a healthy diet. It’s one thing to use cannabis to help you deal with chronic pain, insomnia or inflammation. But it’s a whole different story when you incorporate cannabis into a healthy lifestyle.


More than just weed salad

cannabis vinaigrette

This recipe packs a whole lot more medicinal punch than just cannabis. Our cannabis vinaigrette includes ingredients like garlic, onion, basil, and oregano, all of which stack up when it comes to offering you some health benefits.


Garlic is extremely rich in vitamin C, which is why it is often used as a remedy to treat the common cold. It also boosts immune function and can reduce blood pressure. Onion, on the other hand, promotes healthy digestion and lowers blood sugar levels. The magic herbs of basil and oregano in this recipe are numerous, and they complement cannabis enormously. They are cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants, just to name a few.


So weed isn’t the only herb in this recipe that is extremely good for you. If you like to keep your health in mind, then a salad covered in delicious herbs is going to be extremely nourishing. Now that you know why this cannabis vinaigrette is awesome for your body and mind, let’s jump into how to make it.


How to make a marijuana dressing for your salad


You can buy plenty of salad dressings in the supermarket, but they just won’t compare to a homemade cannabis dressing. You can rejoice in a chemical free, tasty and cannabis-infused salad dressing.


What you’re going to need for your cannabis vinaigrette:


- Garlic

- Red onion

- A blend of dried basil and oregano

- Balsamic vinegar

- Cannabis oil

- Salt and pepper


Chop up your garlic and onion into small pieces. Now mix everything in a blender until it is smooth. You can add herbs to taste if you wish.


It doesn’t matter whether you are using a THC rich cannabis oil or a CBD rich cannabis oil. Either will work for this recipe. It’s just a matter of whether you want your cannabis vinaigrette to get you high or not.


When it comes to the salad part, you’re free to mix in whichever raw vegetables you like. We do have some recommendations, in case you’re a little bit lost about what to put into your salad:


- Salad greens

- Cherry tomatoes

- Carrots

- Small radishes

- Red pepper

- Avocado

- Cucumber

- Purple carrot


This list isn’t comprehensive either. If there are other ingredients you love in your salad, such as mushrooms or beets, feel free to throw them in. And if there are ingredients you don’t like, just omit them!


Now just pour your weed dressing over the top, and you have a delicious and nutritious lunch that’s jam-packed with a medicinal hit. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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