You Might Not Be Able To Buy Cannabis In California's 'Weed Town' Just Yet

by greenrush
weed town

We don't know about you, but when someone says 'weed town', we think, 'dream come true'. Unfortunately, it looks like our dreams won't be fulfilled just yet.


This summer, American Green began the process to purchase the entire town of Nipton, California located in the Mojave Desert within San Bernardino County. The company owns many canna-businesses and did intend to turn Nipton into a 'weed town', a cannabis tourist destination. Now that they've closed the deal, how close are we to making Nipton our next vacation destination?


The answer isn't exactly what one might hope for. Until the company comes to an agreement with the county, it will not be able to sell cannabis products in Nipton. The reasoning behind this is that Nipton lies on unincorporated San Bernardino land. It only has about 20 residents and without any of them challenging the county's decision, it's unlikely San Bernardino County will change the rules anytime soon.


There is the question as to whether the town can become incorporated. But with such a small population, there is very little chance they will be able to do so in the near future.


This is not to say that people won't be able to smoke marijuana in California's 'weed town', just that they won't be able to purchase it. American Green has said that if it comes down to it, Nipton will become "a space where you can enjoy your fondness for the plant to medicate without fear of something going down."


It seems California's 'weed town' just got a little less dreamy.

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