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Caviar Gold - The Cannabis with the Crown

3 years ago

Caviar Gold is one of the most luxurious names in cannabis. They are behind not only some of the highest quality medicine money can buy, but some of the most potent, too. They have taken the cannabis scene by storm since their humble beginnings right at the start of the modern weed revolution and have earned their name in the Herb Hall of Fame.

Caviar Gold


Now, before we begin, it would be unwise of us not to at least mention the following disclaimer: We were not and will not be paid a single cent for the publication of this article. As with all of our posts that shine a light on deserving players in the cannabis industry, we’ve done this because we love the brand. We love Caviar Gold and their range of products, and we think you will, too.

Caviar Gold started out life as a humble cannabis brand in Colorado, way back when in 2007. With a lack of direction and little more than a passion for the products they produced, the brand struggled to establish itself. With higher prices than people were used to, Caviar Gold found business slow, despite selling extractions that were some of the best on the market. And with the political climate still shaky for ganjapreneurs back in pre-Amendment 64 USA, the company had to live with the solid realization that the DEA could come a-knocking. And that would spell the end for Caviar Gold before it had even begun.

Therefore, looking for their big break, they hot-footed it to the Golden State in 2009 where the high-end medicinal cannabis market was arguably more evolved than in their native Colorado. And business began to change. Working long days and even longer nights, Caviar Gold’s founder Caviar Bishop forged out a hole in the market and pumped it full of his weed.

His products became noticed by cannabists from all walks of life, from celebrities to cannabis connoisseurs, and Caviar Gold solidified its reputation as the cannabis with the golden crown.

Today, from their home in Los Angeles County, Caviar Gold’s products are sold all over the country. Collecting numerous awards for quality and service from both patient and industry organizations alike, Caviar Gold is a brand that’s here to stay. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

Caviar Gold’s Products

Cavi Cone

The Cavi Cone is arguably Caviar Gold’s most well-known product line. Available in hundreds of dispensaries across the country, these are never too hard to find - and it’s that way for a reason: Cavi Cones are some of the strongest pre-rolled medicine on the market. Whereas other brands seek to create products that can be consumed in a manner conducive to individual patients’ lifestyles, Cavi Cone is all about that punch.

The way they get so strong is all thanks to Cavi Cone’s proprietary blending method, which sees flowers, kief and CO2 oil all tightly wrapped into an expertly rolled joint.

The joints, which are available in six different flavors, come with about 950mg of THC and 50mg of CBD. Currently, you can choose from apple, strawberry, grape, vanilla, raspberry and original flavor, and patients have remarked on the smooth, subtle taste of the flavored options - something that is often lacking in artificially flavored pre-rolls.

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Cavi Rancher

Cavi Rancher is another of Caviar Gold’s most esteemed products. One of their line of edibles, Cavi Ranchers are packets of twenty tasty little candies. And as you should expect from Caviar Gold by now, these little suckers are strong. Per packet, you can expect around 500mg of THC, which equates to about 25mg of THC per candy.

As with the Cavi Cone, Cavi Ranchers are infused with CO2 hash oil, which equates for the higher-than-average THC content. Due to their superior flavoring methods, however, each candy tastes minimally of cannabis, a feature that makes them surprisingly moreish. Therefore, patients should always keep sensible dosing in mind when medicating with Cavi Ranchers to prevent overdoing it - something that’s always possible with Caviar Gold products.

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Cavi Taffy

Cavi Taffy is the second product in CG’s line of highly-potent edibles. These squishy, strong, sugary treats contain on average either 100mg or 200mg of THC (depending on the flavor you choose). And as with the Ranchers, that acrid spiciness often associated to concentrates is barely noticeable, with patients praising the products for delivering on the flavors they promise, those being Gran’ Daddy Purp, Sour Apple, Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream and Cantaloupe.

The strength of these edibles makes Cavi Taffy an ideal treatment for insomnia, pain, and depression, with the medicine guaranteed to treat your whole body, from head to toe.

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Amber Fire

Amber Fire is Caviar Gold’s fourth and final product, and it’s neither an edible nor a pre-roll - it’s that notorious CO2 oil that has given Caviar Gold such an esteemed reputation nationwide. The pure version of the substance their pre-roll mix gets dipped and rolled in, Amber Fire is strong. Boasting a whopping 65% THC and 6% CBD, Amber Fire is one for the big boys, with Kushify describing the effects as ‘lobotomizing’.

Producing a flurry of clean, crisp vapor, Amber Fire is known to taste relatively chemically at first, before leaving a more appealing aftertaste of strawberry, vanilla and grape. Famed for its potency, its only natural that the product comes in one of the most aggressive looking syringes on the market, closely resembling a hypodermic needle. Therefore, when loading up your vape pen or looking to indulge in some Amber Fire, you’re recommended to do so in private for fear of freaking out the man on the street.

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