CBD Oil For Dogs Miraculously Helps This Little Guy Stand Again

by greenrush

CBD oil has been proven to have positive effects on humans suffering from a variety of conditions. But have you ever heard of CBD oil for dogs? Man's best friend can feel the benefits too, and it's bringing relief to lots of unwell puppies around the world.


Oscar is a breeding dog, who spent most of his life in a puppy mill. He was treated cruelly and was unable to use either of his hind legs. Safe Haven Animal Rescue saved Oscar from his horrible life and committed themselves to helping the little guy become healthy again.


Prior to treatment, Oscar was not able to put any pressure on either of his hind legs. Through a combination of spinal surgery and CBD oil, Oscar can now stand for several seconds at a time. This is a massive improvement considering his condition when he was rescued.


The President of Safe Haven Animal Rescue, Lisa Jensen said, "all of a sudden one day, I turned around and looked and I saw him balancing on one of his back legs. And I about fell over."


Jensen claims it was her own use of CBD oil that made her consider it for Oscar.


"I started using CBD," she said, "and I thought, 'it can't hurt. Let's just see what it does.'"


We're glad she did because this cute little pooch is doing very well. CBD oil for dogs is not uncommon and has been proven to have very positive effects so far. Mammals have a similar genetic makeup when it comes to the central nervous system.


"The reason why CBD works so very well is because we have an endocannabinoid system that runs through our body parallel with the central nervous system," Jimmy Shannon from Ambray Health said. "Same effects that CBD have for humans, they also have on our pets. Seizure, arthritis, cancer, anxiety."


If you're worried about your pet getting high, there's no need. CBD has an incredibly low THC content and so won't ever get your pet high. The most common side effect they will experience is drowsiness, which is no different than the effects of over-the-counter Benadryl.


Cannabis could help with a variety of conditions, in humans and in pets


It seems the power of CBD is undeniable. Even anti-cannabis states are beginning to legalize it due to its health benefits. Oscar's case is just another instance of CBD oil doing miraculous work.


You can see little Oscar here:


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