Cheech Marin is Helping To Register Pot Businesses

by greenrush
cheech marin

California has released a public service announcement to trump all others. With the state frantically preparing for recreation marijuana on January 1, Secretary of State Alex Padilla has enlisted the crème de la crème to help raise social awareness. Cheech Marin, that’s right, Cheech from the legendary stoner duo Cheech and Chong, features in a new video designed to facilitate the registration process for new cannabis businesses.


As per California’s new cannabis regulations, Padilla’s office has created a new website called Cannabizfile. It’s essentially a portal for cannabis entrepreneurs to register their new businesses straight from their laptops. It’s the first step for any new canna-business which should then be followed up with the proper acquisition of state and local licenses.


For much of the minute-long video, Marin’s face is covered by a desktop monitor. For those unfamiliar with his iconic voice, you might be left wondering, “who is the mystery man behind the computer?” But for those of us who are die-hard fans, it’s impossible not to recognize Cheech straight away.


Marin helps a woman looking to register her cannabis-related business.


“What about business forms and stuff like licensing and tax information?” she asks.


“Well you could do it in person, or you can go to, Marin responds.


For many, one half of the iconic stoner duo seems like a logical choice to help promote awareness for pot entrepreneurs ahead of recreational legalization, however, some people have not responded well to the ad.


“It’s kind of interesting that with us trying to be a little bit more legitimate in the industry that they’re kind of going back to making it a little more comical by using Cheech Marin in the video,” Shayna Schonauer, who works at RCP Sacramento, told local news station KCRA. “We’ve worked really hard to kind of pull ourselves away from that to show that we are a legitimate business. And that we’re not just your stereotypical stoners.”


Not sure what to think? Watch the video and decide for yourself!